Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So december it is

This lovely picture by marmeecraft needs to be shown on this December day. (She even sells her wonderful stuff on etsy). All Sunday afternoon we spent on decorating our house for Christmas. If you ask me it is a big and demanding task. All though things have their very own place year after year, I still believe that it is a bit tricky - but very cozy not to forget!!! The "skuffe nisse" (drawer pixie) was back and it reminded me of all the different stuff that has been put in his little drawer through the years. A lost tooth was put into it by the Tooth Fairy. In the morning Emil tried to figure out where on earth she had hidden it! It took him a fair amount of time to do that... I have also seen tiny dolls' shoes, chocolates, Lego - and you name it - in there. We have also put the nativity play in the kitchen. All of them was there: Josef, Maria, the 3 wise men, Jesus in his crib and the shepard with his 1 sheep and his 1 camel. Well, at least that is how it used to be.......Because yesterday I found out something very strange - Jesus had got a woolen blanket over his body!! And the sheep looked rather odd - that is, sort of like in 3 pieces!!!! Christian was also in the kitchen and heared my astonishment about Jesus' new blanket. He could no longer keep quiet and burst into laughter. All of a suuden I knew that HE was the scapegoat. He had dropped the sheep at the floor the night before and now he tried to explain to me that it was a sacrifice to the newborn Jesus!!! I do however think that it was rather clever of him to use the sheep's wool as a blanket.... I'm so sorry that the text is shown in a long row - but when I make loads of space between the different subjects, it doesn't show when I have saved!!


  1. oh that poor naked sheep... Maybe I should share my blue wool with it... :-D

  2. That would be a very good idea!!Then it would even look chic and be warm....


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