Friday, November 23, 2007

A swap

The fabric with the tiny flowers was the reason why I am going to make my first "swap". All of you, who has been blogging for a long time, have probably tried it before - but to me it is a whole new world.....

It is a nice girl from Uruguay who asked me to make a swap. She really liked the flower fabric. At first I had to think whether I wanted to or not. But having seen the fabulous stuff that some of you have swapped, I decided to give it a go!

Pale pink, pale blue and lime green are the colours we have to find for each other. The swap can be buttons, beads, trims, candy and that kind of stuff - and of course fabric. The question I didn't know was: how MUCH fabric do I send of to Urguay? Luckily this wonderful girl knew, because she has swapped a lot of times. I am figuring out what to send. I think it could become very interesting to find the things for Natalia - I only hope it doesn't cost a fortune to send the package in the mail. (Well, who am i kidding? It is all the way to Uruguay....!!!!)

But never the less, I am looking forward to receiving a package from Uruguay. What is in it, I will tell you all about later on..

Too bad that the guys at the picture doesn't come in pale blue, pale pink or limegreen!!


  1. I'm looking forward to see your stuff from Uruguay. Exiting!

  2. thank you for your wonderful comment in my blog, which led me to discover your fabulous blog! I recognised your name from etsy of course! The green dress you made from your friend is just amazing!

  3. Thanks a lot Mette and Marie for your kind words.

    I am SO courious to see what a girl in Uruguay likes! Perhaps it could be a sort of extra Christmas present...

    The green dress took me a while to make. I ran acroos the street to measure my friend and fit the dress on her quite a few times.... But her happiness and delight about the dress was worth every little stitch....


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