Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From Oberweiden to Roma

These days c'est Dimanche is presenting their new stunning spring collection. A moment I have been anticipating with much excitement.

During this week they reveal a new design every day, and today it was time to show us Roma.

From c'est Dimanche
As always they have managed to put a vintage look into their new patterns, and they do it in the most lovely and tasteful way. No unnecessary additions if you ask me.

Oberweiden and  Manhatten are also new models - I know for sure that I have to grapple with Roma and Oberweiden sometime. Maybe more. The near future will show.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow...


  1. These new "c'est dimanche" patterns are really lovely. As I already sewed "New Orleans", I can say, they are really well designed and easy to make with step-by-step explanations !
    I would like so much to have time to sew these days ...!

    1. They really are! So chic and simple. I made the Palermo blouse and I enjoyed using the pattern as much as you. It's so cool when things are made with skills and carefulness. :)


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