Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A little trip to another town ended up with a visit to Henrichsens Uldspinderi. A spinning mill which makes gorgeous yarn (for Marianne Isager among others).

It didn't take long before the colours on the yarn you see below, made me decide what to get. 2 skeins of half wool and half angora. Oh my, I'm pleased with the colours. Some people might think that they look awful together, but I simply adore them.

Grisling by lille-ursus

I always need to flick through the pages of Hanne Thorsen's patterns whenever I'm at Henrichsens Uldspinderi, and this visit was no exception.
Little pigs all in a row - a pattern called Grisling. That's what I'm happy to have chosen today. 

Whether the chubby, four-legged creatures are going to be made in the yarn I brought home, isn't sure. I have another idea I need to try out with those colours.


  1. Fantastiske farger sammen, det blir kjempefint! Herlig garn fra Henrichsens, den mix med ull og angora har jeg ikke prøvd dog...

  2. Tusind tak, Pia. Jeg er glad for at jeg ikke er den eneste der kan lide farvesammensætningen. :))

    Jeg er også spændt på at prøve blandingen af uld og angora. Jeg tror at det vil give masser af fibre i luften. Min mand nøs da jeg åbnede for strikkeposen. ;))

  3. Gorgeous yarn, and I LOVE this colour combo :D

  4. It's wonderful that that you like the colour combo as well, Annie. :)) There is something gentle about them eventhough they clash a bit. But that's what gives it all life. :)

    I hope the yarn will be not that fluffy - all though I have my doubts. :)

  5. Skønne og ret forårsagtige kulører ;)

    1. Jeg kunne simpelthen ikke stå for dem, Rikke. Da slet ikke sådan som solen skinnede den dag jeg købte dem. ;)


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