Sunday, November 28, 2010

For me...

So it's time for advent presents again.

The advent bag has been put on it's usual place - right there on the banister, so it's the first thing Emil sees when he comes down the stars from his room.

This year is different from all the other years. Anne-Sophie's advent bag is no longer on the banister but has gone with her to her appartment. It's really strange...and a bit sad...but I know that her advent present is even more appriciated this year.

I'm so fortunate that I get to have an advent calender as well. It's my dear bigsister who has made it for me, and I absolutely love it.

Today I got this beautiful biscuit tin and inside it is lots, and lots of delicious Pebernødder (a Danish Christmas biscuit. Literally translated it's pepper nuts) which she baked for me. Uhmmm!

I got so emotional when I opned the present from Lotte - she has so much to do in her life, but still she took the time to make a calender for me again and bake those lovely cookies. I really appricite it deep down in my heart.

Now I only need to figure out how to keep the Pebernødder away from the rest of my family in this house. I definitely want to share, but it's when I say so...


  1. Oh, what a sweet big sister you have dear Ulla - but you deserved that!!!

    I can imagine it is all different this year but once you will be having your grandchildren around you - just imagine that - it will be different again...

    Big hug and a happy first of Advent to you... oh and why are you allowed to open your calender already? Here we open it on 1st December...


  2. Ulla.....mærkeligt må det være ikke at have hende hjemme hele tiden, og jeg tror du har ret i at hun vil sætte endnu mere pris på sin sæk med gaver i å lille stykke "hjemme" er med hende, trods alt :0)

    Hvor er du heldig med sådan en dejlig og betænksom søster - Håber I nyder søndagen lige som os :0)
    Knus Dorthe

  3. Thanks a lot, dear Nina. :)) How sweet of you.
    I definitely have a wonderful bigsister. She's so caring, funny and clever. :))

    It is different this year without Anne-Sophie and I think that we will feel it several times during the Christmas season. But as you say, we will experience changes many more times in our lives.

    I hope that you have had a lovely Sunday as well. We sure did. I bet that your children look forward to Christmas too?

    And the reason why we get to have presents today, is that Emil and Anne-Sophie decided to get advent presents on the 4 advent Sundays instead of on the 24 days in December before Christmas evening. :))

    Take care, Nina. :))



    Det er virkelig mærkeligt, Dorthe og selvom det er ved at være et stykke tid siden hun flyttede, så synes både Christian og mig at det er hårdt at undvære hende.

    Mht. adventsgaver, så sagde hun for et par måneder siden: "får jeg stadig adventsgaver, mor? (så skulle hun kende mig dårligt ;)) for det er da nu de virkelig skal være der!"

    Selvfølgelig fik hun adventsgaver...

    Jeg er virkelig bare heldig med min storesøster. Hun er sådan en vigtig del i mit liv. Og så har hun bare sådan et stort og varmt hjerte. :))

    Hav en dejlig dag i morgen.


  4. Oh- this is so nice of your sister! I would love to do Advents-calendars for my sisters too... but I get hardly around to make one for my daughters. Today I need to get the last small presents and wrap them.
    Are all the presents in this bag and everyday you take one out?

  5. She is so sweet my bigsister, rahel. :)) I'm really happy about the adventcalender she made for me. :))

    Maybe the word adventcalender is a bit confusing, becuse here in Denmark it means that one gets 4 presents - one for each advent Sunday. But I didn't remember that the word actually means something else in English. A calender where one gets a little present every day from December first til Christmas eve.

    My calender - and the one I made for my children - are one for every Sunday. Emil's presents are hidden one at a time in the bag. I put it in there Saturday night when he has gone to bed. ;))

    Good luck with the rest of the presents for your daughters. It takes so much time to find 24 things for several children. My kids got that when the were younger and I remember the endless wrapping! :))

  6. Dejlig dejlig søster du har, Ulla.
    Mon man kan ønske sig sådan en i adventsgave?

    Jeg glæder mig på dine vegne, det er vidunderligt, når en man holder af tager sig tiden til at sørge for den slags.

    Og ja - vore store piger - er det ikke lige som om, at de mangles lige en anelse mere, når det er tiden for det traditionsrige?
    Bare man ind imellem kunne trylle dem små igen.

    Ha en dejlig aften, Ulla, i det vilde hvide vejr...

  7. I bet it is very different with your sweet girl living away from home. They grow up so fast! Life is full of change, making traditions more special, I think.
    Mmmmmm... pepper nuts. I will be making some of these for my family as a special holiday treat.

  8. One for each Sunday in Advent- this actually sounds great! Especially for grown-ups or older children. Maybe I will introduce this when my daughters will be older.

  9. Ja, det er hun altså bare, Anne. Jeg ved simpelthen ikke hvad jeg skulle gøre uden hende. Hun er der for mig og min familie - i godt og skidt, og jeg kan ALTID regne hende. :))

    Og du har ret. Det er ekstra svært ikke at have vores piger lige i nærheden når den slags højtider kommer. Heldigvis er det også dér at det trækker ekstra for at komme hjem - sådan havde jeg det i hvert tilfælde i mange år. ;))

    Jeg håber at du får en rigtig god dag, Anne. :))


    It is hard, Katherine - especially at a time like this. But luckily she is happy and doing well, so we couldn't ask for more. :)) And I'm happy that she's really good at coming to see how we are. :))

    I adore pepper nuts! And the ones my bigsister gave me are made from a wonderful recipe. I don't think that they will last all Christmas -they are too good. ;))

    Have a lovely day...


    That is exactly what we did, rahel. When our children turned about 13, they started to get the 4 presents instead. Eventhoguh they thought that it was annoying at the beginning, they quickly started to like it. Because we bought thing 1 thing which would cost the same as 7 small presents. :))

    Have a great day...


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