Monday, November 15, 2010

Label your stuff

Once again Riley Blake has come up with a wonderful design.

This time it's fabric labels to use on your sewing - for instance on a quilt when it's done. That is if you don't fell like making the label yourself (which I might find a bit more funny and personal after all).
And when you have cut out the label you want to use, you can write whatever you like on it, or maybe embroider the letters on instead.

The labels come in three different colours - pink, green and brown. If you want to see the rest of the colours then go have a look here.

And they are a great solution to start off with, if you want to label your things...


  1. For en smart idee, den grå var midt i blinken for meg :-) Takk for link..

  2. Det var godt, Hege - jeg er glad for at du kan bruge ideen. Jeg synes at det er lidt smart med de labels. :))


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