Thursday, November 18, 2010

L e f t o v e r s ? ?

All of these things are ongoing projects of mine. I hate having them lying around in my sewingroom and in my knittingbasket. And they give me a guilty conscience, whenever I buy new materials like fabric, floss and yarn.

Besides that, I actually miss some of it. Miss it because I could have used it by now.
That soft, soft scarf from Sortlakrids would have been wonderful to throw around my neck, on a freezing cold day like we had today. And I absolutely need more woodland people from Cathy on my tunics - Ursula needs company.

The POIS embroidery would have given my couch a much needed color touch up, and I wanted to wear the cardigan with faces even before I started knitting it!

But patience is what I need...and in the end I know that slow work will get me there. But wouldn't it be great to wake up one morning and see all one's fabric and yarn leftovers finished and ready for use!?


  1. I am new to your blog.

    I have lots of leftover also. My husband is very afraid when I shop for crafts. He say you buy so many but not finished. I say will. Just give me time...even if it is a year or...I will. Just need to brainstorm for more ideas. So don't feel bad if you have leftovers. Finished project is good also.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I completely agree... somehow thats not how it works around here :-)

  3. Kære Ulla

    Fine ting er værd at vente på , men jeg forstår dig. Har selv et sjal fra skals jeg rigtig godt kunne bruge lige nu, det er faktisk 4 år siden jeg startede og lagde det til side...det gode er at det bliver vinter igen hvert år ;-)

    God weekend


  4. Åhhhhh.... Jo, det ville være fantastisk!!! Jeg har også maaaange halvfærdige projekter liggende, og jeg har rigtigt mange ting, som jeg ikke engang er starter op på endnu, så jeg kender følelsen alt for godt ;o)

  5. I am terrrible for leftovers. If it's a long project I have a need to do a different craft for a while. I have a pair of socks that I started 10 months ago and I need them now!!


  6. Hi 31NnA,
    It's nice to have you here. :))

    It's funny how we all get so many different projects started, and not ending them before we get new ideas and inspiration. But one can't keep those from coming. ;))

    And we will finish most of our "leftovers" - don't you think? ;))


    It would be wonderful though, wouldn't it Anne Marie?
    And not to feel guilty when we see an unfinished knitting or embroidery!

    Actually I loved making all of the leftovers in the photos, but somehow new projects popped up and took the stage for a while. ;))
    But they have to get done, because I need to use each and everyone of the things. :))


    Kære Wenche!

    På et eller andet tidspunkt møder ens blik et ufærdigt projekt, og så længes man efter at bruge det.
    Jeg er desværre alt for nem til at blive fristet af nye og spændende projekter, men det skal der jo også være plads til. :))

    Det lyder spændende med sjalet. Er det fra Håndarbejdsskolen?

    Rigtig god weekend til dig, Wenche - jeg ved at den bliver god og fuld af kreative oplevelser. :))



    Ohh ja, Rosanna! Ustartede men indkøbte projekter, dem kender jeg sørme også til. Jeg har garn og opskrift til adskillige trøjer til Emil, der skulle kunne passe ham da han var 6-8 år. ;)) Godt der findes mindre nevøer og niecer og søde nabo børn. :))

    Og du er heldig med at du har søde piger i flere størrelser. :))


    Kate, the long project thing is definitely also a familiar thing to me. I also love when a project can be put aside for some days, and then be started fairly quickly again.

    I hope that your socks will get done soon, so you can warm your feet in them this winter. :))


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