Sunday, November 07, 2010

Do you have a possible owner for this?

Picture from Moods

We most certainly do!

The little wooden birdcage is - obviously - for your keys so you put them in the same place every time you get home.

But it's on the assumption that you could find your keys in the first place! We know someone who has a very hard time doing that - every single time he needs his keys.

SO now Emil and I has decided to give Christian this fancy bird with a house of it's own. Then it's up to Christian to be another bird, and whistle for his keys when they are lost. Hopefully the little pink bird answers him back and leads him to his keys....that will save us all for lots of time running around looking for missing keys!


  1. Åh ja, har set den på hjemmesiden:-)
    Og er ganske forelsket !

  2. Ja, jeg blev også helt hooked på den da jeg så den, Miri. Specielt Dét at man kan finde sine nøgler ved at fløjte. Det er lige noget for min kære mand. ;))

  3. Great gift! Our keys hang on the door handle and the kids often pick them up and play with them - it has not only been once we were in a hurry to get to an appointment and I could NOT find the keys. So we are always thinking of buying something where to put the keys out of reach of the little ones... and this is looking great!

    The woolen hats are so sweet, well done Ulla. And aren't the little ones adorable?

    I read that Anne-Sophie will be in her own home for Christmas, I'm sure it will be different for you all but maybe they'll come later in the evening or the next day for a good Christmas lunch?

    Big hug for you, dear Ulla!


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