Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tiny. . .

Tiny, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

Perhaps too tiny if you ask me. Christian is convinced that it fits.
The next one will most certainly be a size bigger...


  1. Nåhhh.........lille OG sød!

  2. Oh- it turned out so cute! Love the colours.

  3. Thanks a lot, Emerson-j. :)) I love this kind of hat for babies. The shape fit them so well. :)

    Here in Denmark one can buy them in fabric as well.


    Tusind tak, Rikke. :)) Jeg tror altså virkelig at den er for lille, men min mand tror den vil passe lille Agnes fint. Man glemmer hurtigt hvor små de egentlig er sådan nogle babyer.

    Så nu er jeg i gang med endnu en. I andre farver og en størrelse større. ;))


    Shilgia, thank you so much. :)) I'm happy that you like it. It's easy to make and fun too.
    There are several patterns for making them - i know ravelry has some. :)

  4. hello there !
    i just love this tiny hat, so adorable !
    sending happy thoughts to you

  5. Thank you so much, Monique. :))

    First of all a lot of congratulations with your beautiful grandson. Little Jacob is so adorable! :)) I definitely understand that it's wonderful to have him so close by. What a great opportunity to get to know him and see him grow. :))

    Soon I will be done with another little hat, and I might just make a third one too. For a while I have been meaning to make some hats to give to charity.

    I'm totally crazy about your lovely snowmen and the gingham apple. But you already know how much I admire your work.

    Take good care and I send you so many happy thoughts too. :))


    1000 tak, Anne Marie. :)) Jeg synes aldrig at man kan få Djævlehuer nok. ;)) Hverken dem af bomuld eller dem af uld.

    Jeg skal have købt noget rigtig blødt uld i dag, så der også er til ekstra varme huer til lille Agnes. :))

    Hav en rigtig god weekend. :))

  6. 1000 tak, Anne. :)) De er vanedannende... ;))


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