Thursday, November 25, 2010

If.... Anne-Sophie still was 5 years old, I would do my very best to persuade her to get a Christmas dress like this:

Isn't it wonderful? It's a French pattern called Charleston. It reminds me of old days and yet it has a new and modern touch in the design.

The dress has no sleeves and what you see in the picture, is Charleston with a lovely top underneath it. Elegant and childish at the same time.

I know that it would have looked so fine on my Anne-Sophie...if she would have worn it. That I couldn't tell for sure.


  1. Åh - den er skøn. Desværre er Lise også for gammel......

  2. Well, I might think about our tall girl wearing it???

    Big hugs dear Ulla, I've been Blog-Lazy fast weeks, so much to do to make the garden winter ready and the house looking cozy and the christmas calender will be wrapped, the doll clothes have to be sewed and knitted and chrocheted...

    XXX Nina

  3. Ja, jeg var også solgt med det samme jeg så den, Gitte. Jeg kan godt lide at den er så anderledes og utrolig smuk. Og så ser det godt udt ud med "lommerne" under armene. Det lyder lidt skørt! ;))

    Måske kunne Lise passe den alligevel for mønsteret starter ved 2 år og slutter ved 10.
    Jeg kan se at jeg har glemt at linke til kjolen. Det vil jeg lige få ordnet. :))

    Hav en hyggelig aften, Gitte.


    I think it would suit her so beautifully, your tall girl. :))

    How wonderful to have you back, sweet Nina - I have really missed your lovely comments and posts.
    But a break from blog wolrd is great now and then.

    And you have been busy. It sounds like the very best idea, with crocheted, knitted and sewn doll clothes for the Christmas calender. I would have loved that when I were little. :))

    Take good care and big hugs for you too. :))

    XXX Ulla

  4. Just a gorgeous dress, I'd love to see it on my 3year old, do you have the link to the pattern?

  5. I totally agree, bugsygnome. It would look lovely in that size too. I love 3 year old children - they are always so happy and want to explore life. :))

    I finally added the link. The pattern is a bit expensive though (about 14 $), but definitely worth it. I have bought their patterns before and they are great - and in French. :))

  6. It looks like a lovely dress. My daughter probably would think that it's too simple though... she loves everything with flowers and hearts and lots of colours.
    Thanks for the link.

  7. My pleasure, Rahel. :))

    That might have been an issue for my daughter as well, when she was little. She also loved colours - especially red.

    It would look great in red...and so Christmassy. ;))

  8. gorgeous, gorgeous little dress...wish my girls were still wee ones...


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