Friday, December 04, 2009

Knitting + ceramic

Knitted vases and bowls - it sounds rather strange if you ask me. But just have a look at the beautiful work from Annette Bugansky and see how elegantly she combined knitting and ceramics.

Annette Bugansky is a former textile and costume designer, who has now become a very talented ceramicist.
How she makes those beautiful knitting patterns appear on her art, is a mystery to me. But somehow that's also the part I love about it.

I for one wouldn't mind putting one of her vases on my Christmas wishlist. Or maybe just a tealight?

You can see more of her work here at loop (which by the way is a fabulos yarn shop).


  1. That is impressive! So simple clean and beautiful!

  2. I agree - so simple and yet so beautiful!

  3. Hvor er de smukke. Da jeg så billederne troede jeg i første omgang, at de var af gips.

    Skøn gaveidé.

    God weekend ;-)

  4. Næ, hvor er de sjove! Og smukke! Og helt særlige. Dem gad jeg godt have stående...

  5. these are incredible !!
    If you check my flickr profile... I'm so fond of white vases and I'd love one of these in my house !!!


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