Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If only I could read Icelandic

Then I would buy this book, which contains 17 patterns on baby blankets knitted and crocheted by 15 different women.

The book is published by Nalin. And all the blankets are knitted in yarn from the shop.

If only you could see the things made by Helga, who is one of the owners of the shop and the mother of Svanberg, an Icelandic friend of Emil's. I really admire her work. She made fabulos things for herself and her family.

She is a brilliant knitter and I just adore her embroidery too. Helga used to go to Skals Håndarbejdsskole and attended the collage of education in the same field. During that period of time the entire family lived in our town and that is why I know her.

Soon Nalin will open an online shop. I'm thrilled about that - and hope that it will send stuff to Denmark as well....


  1. Oh yes, dear Ulla, that looks indeed very very nice!

    I am happy you liked our small Christmas wish - hope I did the translation well?

    Have a happy time with your beloved ones. Today it is snowing really nice, everything is powdered with light snow, I love snow around Christmas!

    Big hug, Nina

  2. Google Translate can only take us so far! =) Merry Christmas Ulla... I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.


  3. Kære Ulla
    Ville også netop sige du bør prøve googletranslate, har sel prøvet at støde på islandske opskrifter men fandt dem også oversat ellers er dermåske nogen på bloggen der kender nogen??

    Held og lykke kan godt forstå du gerne vil have tydet den bog ;-)

    Glædelig jul


  4. Dear Nina,
    I think it looks like a wonderful book. And I like the idea behind it.

    I really liked your Christmas wish - and the translation was perfect. I do remember a bit German from school too. ;))

    I wish you and your family some gorgeous days of Christmas too. FINALLY we have snow here in Denmark!

    Take care,
    Big Christmas hugs,


    You are right Jennifer. I tried that with the website Nalin. Eventhough it wasn't fully understandable it was better than nothing. ;))

    A very merry Christmas to you and your family too. I hope you will have some cozy and wonderful days.

    XOXO Ulla


    Kære Wenche!

    Der er så mange vidunderlige ting fra Island. På håndarbejdsskolen her i byen er der mange elever fra netop Island, og ih hvor de laver smukke ting.

    Google translate kan tage os et stykke af vejen omend oversættelserne ofte er noget grinagtige. ;))

    Hav en rigtig glædelig jul med din familie, Wenche.



    Ja, ser den ikke god ud, Gitte? Men der jo så man fantastiske ting af den slags og vi kan jo ikke få det hele. ;))

    En rigtig glædelig jul til dig og din familie. Jeg håber at i får nogle hyggelige dage sammen. :))



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