Monday, December 28, 2009

Capricious or what!!!

For years and years - at least it fells like that! - I have heard Christian speak about a very special sweater. A brown one, which seems to be knitted and felted. During spring it's on the telly once a week in a program, which has been sent for lots of years. It's a garden program - Søren Ryge præsenterer - hosted by a man called Søren Ryge, for those of you that don't watch Danish TV.

The sweater in question looks like this and Christian adores it:

Nevertheless, a new sweater has been very relevant in Christian's mind lately, and the brown Søren Ryge one has been temporarely forgotten. For many months even.

This beautiful (and I bet extremely funny to knit one) has thrilled him:

Well, that's what I thought!!!

Because when Christian and I sat down to pick out yarn and pattern for the new sweater I wanted to make for him, as a part of his Christmas gift, something unexpected happened.

The gorgoeus Lopi pattern was no longer on his mind. Need I say which one he all of a sudden remembered???


  1. Fnis... Sådan kan det gå... Begge modeller har nu også hver deres charme.

    Knus fra engens land ;-)

  2. Tja, så er der jo ikke andet at gøre, end at sende Søren Ryge en sød nytårsmail...
    Godt nytår - og god jagt!

  3. He he he - I personally would prefer the "Iceland Pattern" pullover...

    Have a happy new year, dear Ulla...

  4. Jeg kan også godt lide begge modeller, Jeannette Mariae og hvis jeg skal følge hjertet, så må det jo blive den brune som Christian har beundret så længe. Men hvor kunne den anden dog være sjov at strikke. ;))

    Knus til dig på en smuk dag. :))


    Ja, det er da lige før, Lisbeth - at Søren Ryge skal spørges. ;)
    Jeg er lidt spændt på størrelsesforholdet inden filtning, men mon ikke jeg kan spørge hos Mathilde i Viborg? Der er nemlig intet at finde på nettet...

    Et rigtig godt nytår til dig også. :))


    I totally agree, Nina. It would be much more fun to make the Lopi one. But I think it's going to be the brown one. I know that it will make him so happy. :))

    Have a happy and lovely new year too, dear Nina. :)))


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