Thursday, December 31, 2009

See you....

See you...., originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

In my family we never say "goodbye" when we part.

Ever since my mother had a very serious stroke 9 years ago, we began to skip "goodbye", and started to say "see you"...

I really like the thought of "see you". It's such a positive statement, which sends the message that we will meet again very soon.

And there was a great deal of hope in those 2 words 9 years back.

So, I leave you with a very happy "see you" and the wish of a loving, beautiful, exciting 2010. I would be so thrilled to "see" you again...


  1. Tak - jeg glæder mig også til at følge dig på sidelinien i 2010 :o)
    Rigtigt godt nytår!

  2. En rigtig god tanke. At man ikke siger farvel - men allerede tænker på at ses igen!
    See you, too ;o)

  3. Godt og glædeligt nytår.
    Vi "ses" i 2010!

  4. See you, dear Ulla! I like this statement and will remember it for sure.

    All the best for the new year,


  5. Thinking of it, in Germany we say "Auf Wiedersehen" when we say Bye, which means lierally translated "Until we see us again". Or "Bis bald" which means "until very soon", so we actually do use this phrase you like so much anyway...

    XX Nina

  6. God idé.

    Også godt nytår til dig.

  7. Smukt tanke, kære Ulla... Den vil jeg indføre her.

    Jeg vil ønske dig og dine et smukt og vidunderligt Nyt År. Må alle dine ønsker gå i opfyldelse.

    Kærlig hilsen
    Jeannette Mariae ;-)

  8. What a joy to be wished a happy and lovely 2010 from so many wonderful and caring women. Thank you so much. I definitely wish ALL the best for you too... :))

  9. See you Ulla! Happy new year!

  10. I like "see you." When I was a little girl, an elderly woman named Eunice lived next door to my family. I would visit her and play cards or board games, and whenever I would leave, she'd always say a quick and cheery "Bye now." The last time that I saw her was when she was moving to Montana to be near her son, and she looked at me and said "Good bye." I've never forgotten how different that felt: sad and final.

  11. Thanks a lot, Christy - see you too. That's for sure. :))

    What a fine story, Sayschnicklefritz - I can easily imagine that the "goodbye" must have felt so very different.
    So you and I agree on "see you". :))

  12. That's so funny - I have that too. I always say 'see you later' as if by saying the words it will ensure that it happens.

    I love the happy new year applique - beautiful colours.

  13. That's exactly how I fell, Florence!! Goodbye somehow seems a bit more final.

    I love that appliqué too - it's from a firm called Pip Studio. :))


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