Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For the very 1st time....

...my sister and I are not going to spend New Years eve with our big daughters. Anne-Sophie is going to be here - in London - with her sweet boyfriend Tim. A gorgeous Christmas present he gave her...
And my niece Ida is already here - in the Faroe Islands - with her boyfriend Runi....

It's so wonderful for both of the girls. My sister and I totally agree on that. But...

...it's going to be strange and maybe even a bit sad to celebrate the evening without them. But I assure you that the cell phones will be red hot, when the new year has begun at 12 o'clock.


  1. Ohh I saw the photos and thought you were going to tell us that your sister and you were going to London. Thi hi.

    It's a good thing you will be together with your sister :-)

  2. OHHHH Ulla, you are good in letting her go! Well done!

    What a great gift from her boyfriend, they will have fun.

    So you and the rest will have a nice evening together, no doubt about that...

  3. I am sure that the trips will be fun and I am sure that you will enjoy New Year, tinged with a little sadness!

  4. Det er lidt nye tider, når børnene bliver så store. Kan godt forstå at du synes det er underligt / et savn, samtidig med at det er dejligt at de oplever noget.

    Håber at I får en dejlig aften.

    Godt nytår, hvis vi ikke skrives ved inden ;-)

  5. I sure would have loved to go there with my sister, Anne. :)) I used to live in London and it's a fantastic place. :))

    And you are so right - it's great to be with my sister. Then we can miss our daughters together. ;))

    Have a happy and lovely new year.


    Luckily I know that Anne-Sophie is in very good hands, and my dear friend Kalle, who lives about an hour from London, has told her to contact him if needed. That's SO nice to know. :))

    To let go is not that easy at all, Nina - but I always try to remember how I felt at the same age, and I was more than ready to discover the world. ;)) (Actually I moved to London when I was 19).

    I know we will have a lovely night - I hope you have the same too. :))


    She will have lots of fun, Di that I know. And I think it's a wonderful thing for her to experience on a New Year's eve. It's just a case of me being an old hen. ;))

    Have a happy new year.


    Ja, det er lidt med blandede følelser, Gitte. Lige nu venter jeg på at høre, at hun er kommet godt derover.
    Hun glædte sig SÅ meget og det kan jeg sørme godt forstå.

    Min søsters pige er allerede på Færøerne og sejler hjem efter nytår.
    Det er en stor oplevelse for dem begge og jeg under dem det af hele mit hjerte....omend det er en smule nervøst det hønemor hjerte. ;))

    Hav nu en rigtig god aften med familien og et godt nytår. :))

    Jeg har nydt at følge dine ord og billeder i det forgangne år. :))


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