Saturday, July 11, 2009

I love those tiny chandelier dots.....

The dress is done. I'm pleased with it - especially the Lilybird Chandelier. It goes well with the white and purple Gingham.

Those tiny little dots - which are pearls on the chandelier - have a huge effect. They give the chandelier some lightness.

So Cathy, it was such a pleasure to embroider your pattern - I'm absolutely ready for more of your brilliant embroidery design.... ;)


  1. Dear Ulla,

    you are right. It looks like shining Diamants which are gooming in the lights.

    And the dress (is it for you or in a small size? One can't make it out) looks very pretty.

    I'm having a (actually two) tunics on the sewing table but I'm not too sure about my fabric choose (with one). Will be able to show it next week and will ask for your opinion.

    Have a nice sunny Sunday,


  2. Such a sweet dress!! And so nice the embroidery....
    Greetings from Uta!

  3. Dear Nina,

    They did a difference those little dots - which should have been French Knots. But I'm still lousy at French Knots. ;)

    The dress is a size 4 years, so I'm far too big to suit it. ;))

    I will look forward to see your 2 tunics. And which fabrics you chose.
    I'm making a white summer dress for my bigsister at the moment.

    Have a nice day tomorrow. :))


    Thank you very much, magnolia stoffwerkstatt. :) I relly like to mix embroidery and sewing. It gives the piece of clothes a personal touch I think. :)


    Mange tak, Jeannette Mariae :)) Jeg er glad for det endelige resultat. Og heldigvis fungerede broderiet okay dér på forstykket. :))

  4. wow. that is great! I love the chandelier.

  5. Hej Ulla

    Du er altså ferm til det broderi.Kjolen ser så sød ud.
    HVor har du lært det fra?
    Den med de søde espadrillos er altså helt fantastiske.
    En fornøjelse hver gang at se hvad du får kreeret.

  6. I love the dress. It's adorable!

  7. This is so pretty and cute. I love it.

  8. Hello Ulla,

    At first, you have again so beautyful dress!
    I was so so happy when I saw my little blog in your bloglist :)

    Have a nice summerdays!



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