Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back from Samsø

Now the girls are back home from their cycling holiday to the Danish island Samsø. I think it's wonderful to have them home...

They had a lovely time and all the days they had sunny, warm weather. (That was rather easy to see when they returned - they both had a lovely tan).

The girls were supposed to return Saturday, but the weather forecast said LOTS of rain, so they decided to pack their things while the tent was dry. We went to pick up the girls at the ferry - my sister and I thought that it was a fine idea....and actually the girls thought so too, especially when they sat in our car on the way home.


  1. Ah, to be young...what fun they ust have had!

  2. They laughed and giggled whenever we talked to them on the cell-phone. :)) You are so right: youth is a wonderful time. :))

  3. Det minder mig også om min ungdom (nøj, hvor lyder man gammel, når man siger sådan). Tre år i træk var jeg på cykelferie med en veninde, og det er nogle af mit livs mest mindeværdige ferier - hold op, hvor havde vi det skønt! Dejligt at de har haft en god tur - de ser også glade ud! ;)


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