Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fabric, flowers and bees

Today in my garden, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

It has been a fine, warm and sunny day. And I spent most of it in our garden.

Doing a bit of gardening - and sitting in a sunny spot, enjoying the sun.

Yesterday I got the beautiful fabric, which you can see on our table in the garden. I adore those flowers on pale pink. I'm sure it will work well on a little summer-something.

We have also got lots of bees in our garden at the moment, and I had to see how that little busy bee flew from one flower to another.

Our 2 bicycle girls are doing very well, by the way! They manged to bike 118 kilometres in one day. Today they enjoy themselves in a sunny beach - and they definitely deserve it.....


  1. Very nice impressions of your sunny summer day! You seem to have a green thumb as well as you have sewing, kniting, embroidery hands.

    Both fabrics are beautiful and I wonder what will be made out of them - I can imagine you in the pile of fabrics.

    Your sweet girls did indeed a great job. 118km in a day - so a few more days like this and they'll be standing in front of our door.

    Enjoy the evening, my Mom just brought me some crocheting work, so no sewing today. It's such a nice evening but with millions of mosquitos waiting for my blood (and not having anything to distract them) I prefer to stay insinde and will buy some "Stay Away Stuff" tomorrow.

    Warm summer evening greetings to you,


  2. 118 km - kan godt forstå at hun har ondt i knæskallerne!!

    Jeg forsøgt at sidde på terassen flere gange, men vi blev overfaldet af små sorte tordenfluer, der bare var overalt!, så symaskinen vandt ;-)

    I morgen kører vi til Nykøbing Mors.

  3. Thanks a lot, Nina :))
    I don't have green thumbs at all - especially not when it comes to plants which are inside. ;)

    I adore those fabrics and I hope I get to make something with them soon. But I will have to se how hot it gets today...

    We are rather proud of Ida and Anne-Sophie - they are so headstrong! Never mind the fact, that they forgot a wooden spoon, a cutting board and other essential things for cooking when they went camping. ;)) Luckily they are 2 sensible girls, so I know they will get food which doesn't need chopping and sturring - hmmm! ;))

    I hope you enjoyed the evening crocheting without too many bites from mosquitos! We haven't had many here in Denmark. Thank God for that because they always find me!

    Have a lovely day. :))


    Heldigvis er knæskallerne i bedring - jeg måtte le da Anne-Sophie sagde det!

    Der er ikke noget værre end Tordenfluer og deres kriblende, killende adfærd. Dem har vi heller ikke set noget til her hos os.
    Så jeg kan godt forstå, at du foretrak symaskinen. :))

    Rigtig god tur til Nykøbing Mors. :))


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