Sunday, July 05, 2009

Marvellous Minimega

While talking about artists who create gorgeous things for children, I can't leave out mentioning the fine shop Minimega. (I'm sure that most of you Danish blog readers have heard about the shop before...)

Picture from Minimega

Minimega is the place to buy beautiful cards, lovely wrapping paper and inspirering posters. All made from 100 % recycled paper.

The shop is owned by the Danish graphic designer Sara Andersen, and she makes her figures and patterns look in an amazing way. She manages to create with her head and her heart - and I think that it definitely shows.

A while ago I bought some of her wrapping paper - I really like the clean and elegant prints on the different sheets. And I see so many possibilities in that paper....if I had the heart to use it! (Luckily I can always buy more....)

Sara Andersen has a bunch of ideas on how to use her paper too. You should definitely have a look at her Minimega - do it yourself site.

And while you are at it, go check out the shop and her blog....I don't think that you will regret meeting her new lions, giraffes and whales. If you are lucky, you might even win some!!!


  1. Jeg har fulgt Minimega i en måneds tid eller mere. Det er fine ting hun forhandler og hendes blog er ovenud inspirerende.

    Knus fra engen ;-)

  2. Jeg har også læst Saras: "Appelsinenen i min turban" meget længe . Jeg elsker den blog - fuld af humor og livsglæde.

    Og de mange smukke kort, gavepapir og billeder er lige noget for mig. Udtryk, stil og farver er fantastisk.
    Vi er heldige, at vi kan følge den slags mennesker og lade os inspirere. :))

    Mange hilsner


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