Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ranunculus and stripes

These flowers are some of my favourites ones...and I only paid 20 Danish Kroner (3,68 $) for these!! A bargain if you ask me...

I wish that we could get Ranunculus at the end of May, when Emil is going to be confirmed and have his party for family and dear friends. But I know that it's not the time for them when we reach that date.

Hopefully we will find some other beautiful flowers. Not that it's Emil's favourite subject (that would be a bit strange anyway!).
When I ask him which colours he wants for the table at the party, he looks at me and smiles. "That's entirely up to you, mom!" is his answer - and probably just what one could expect from a boy his age. (But I thought that he should have a chance to decide...)

So, green it will be in some kind of shade - Emil loves green.

While talking about colours: the stripes for Agnes are coming along fine. This time I think that the size will be just perfect.


  1. Ranukler er deilige! Mmmm! Lubne og gode.

    Jeg strikker stort sett i ull, men det fristet litt med fargesprakende bomull!

  2. Your son sounds like a very sweet boy. I like the colors you have chosen for the little sweater.

  3. Jeg elsker dem altså også, Merete. Deres lethed og skønne farver gør mig så glad. :)

    Engang var bomuld mit foretrukne garn at strikke i, men jo ældre jeg er blevet jo mere uld kommer der ind i strikningen. Men du har fuldstændig ret: farverne i bomuld smitter. ;))


    Thank you so much, Paula. That warms my soft mother heart. :))

    At the beginng I was crazy about the pale pink and the orange together, but now that I have knitted them close to each other, it seems as if the pale pink looks white!
    But I will carry on... :)

  4. fantastiske farger på Agnes! Jeg ble skikkelig glad av dem, de fikk meg til å drømme om at det snart er vår :)


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