Friday, February 25, 2011

Excellent - if you ask me!

For a button lover like me - or shouldn't I say haberdashery lover - this is the perfect solution when looking for the right button. And from a company with a fabulous name: Doodlebug design.

So many darling buttons in one card - shapes and colours for this and that. Who could ask for more?


  1. too ;-)) Fine overflader til alverdens formål

    God weekend


  2. LOVE the button pack, I will be having a nosey, thanks for sharing.
    Nic ♥

  3. Det er lidt snildt at der er et lille udvalg, Wenche. Og de har masser af andre smukke knapper i det firma. Tænk hvis man kunne få noget lignende i Danmark. ;))

    Hav en dejlig søndag.
    KH :))


    So do I, Nic. :)) I like the idea of putting so many different buttons in one pack. It's almost the buttons which inspirere to other things.

    And it was my pleasure to share. ;)


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