Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tadahh . . . there is nothing new under the sun!!

Not exactly a surprise to you, but here they are. The stripes for Agnes and the little hat for Karl.

I still need to crochet around the neckline and had a go at it late last night. It definitely didn't turn out like I wanted it to, so I unraveled and decided that maybe it would be better to go to bed.
If it doesn't work today either I don't know which excuse I will use! Lack of crocheting skill is probably the most obvious one...

Besides that little problem, I'm very pleased with both things. As you already are aware of, the sweater is a favourite pattern - and I remember the procedure so well already. Without looking at the paper it's written in - a big thing for me!

Oh, I do have one question: do the pale pink stripes look white to you? They do so to me. Hmmrf!


  1. so so Sweet Ulla!!! I love all of your knitting projects. You know I´m a beginner and so I love to follow other knitters work. Last week I finished my fist pair of socks *yes* and it makes so much fun. But the hardest thing for me is to read the discription *grrrrr
    and in english ...no chance. But I will not give up *lol*
    Hope you are doing fine*
    hugs *Marie*

  2. Hi Marie! Thank you so much for your sweet words about my knitting. It has replaced sewing for a while. :))

    I must say that I'm impressed that you made a pair of socks. That's really cool. You must definitely have some knitting skills in order to pull that of. :))

    I'm miserable at socks - the heel ALWAYS makes me mess up things, and I end up being so irritated that I give up. So the socks I have made are heel-less. ;))

    We are doing fine now - it has been a hard time since before Christmas though, when Christian's father was very ill and died on New Year's Eve. We still miss him a lot, but the children are doing better. Everyday life and lots of talks have been a fine help for them.

    I hope that you and your beautiful children are doing great. Take care.


  3. Oh, Ulla! so pretty. What lucky babies! The striped sweater is so charming and so well done. I love the colors you chose. Yes, the pink does look white in the photo, but white or pink, it is adorable.
    The little striped point at the top of the hat is killing me.

  4. Lovely cap and sweater! I am sure the little ones will look great in them. My girls wore both a similar sweater (red and white stripes and lady-bugs-buttons) when they were small, a sweater that my aunt knitted 27 years ago for my sister- you see- good things truly last! :o)

  5. Larissa, thank you so much. I really appriciate it. :))

    I hope that the babies and their parents will like the stuff I made. It's so enjoyable to knit and sew such tiny things.

    I'm crazy about stripes so I had to add a few to the top of the hat. :))


    Thank you very much, rahel - I'm happy that you like it. :))

    The sweaters your girls had when they were little sounds absolutely wonderful. I can easily picture them. It's really nice when things last for many years and it's also funny that the clothes have a little story. :))

  6. Hvor er det nogle fine ting. Jeg er ret vild med trøjen, og overvejer, om ikke jeg skal lave sådan en, til min lille niece, der kommer til foråret?

    Jeg synes også at de streger, der burde være lyserøde, ser hvide ud, men det er såmænd nok bare farverne, der bliver forkert gengivet på billedet ;-)

  7. Mange tak, Rosanna. :)) Jeg synes helt sikkert at du skulle lave sådan en lille sweater til din forårs niece. :)) Den er super fin og hurtig at lave, og så er striber jo bare skønne.

    Desværre ser striberne også hvidlige ud udenfor skærmen! Men det hjalp lidt da jeg lavede den hæklede kant i halsen i den lyserøde. Så fornemmer man da i det mindste at intentionen var lyserød. ;))

    Rigtig god torsdag. :))

  8. Thank you so much, Barbara. :)) I hope that little Agnes will fit into both things. :))


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