Friday, February 04, 2011

Fabulous and French

New books arrived the other day - or actually 1 book and 2 magazines.

I just had to have some more of the Phildar knitting magazines for kids. I already had this one for babies, but I fell in love with some of the patterns for older children as well.

The book Poupées en chiffon is about making dolls. I have a dream of making a doll for - guess who? - Agnes or Sarah as they are the youngest members of our family, and then sew a whole lot of doll clothes for it too.
The book has so many fine patterns. It's almost looks like real clothes - with many gorgeous details.

I recently ordered a Swedish book about doll making, and it took a lot longer for that book to arrive from Sweden, than the ones from France. However, it turned out to be a bit disappoiting, but lucilky this sweet and extremely talented woman is going to make a book on the subject. I know that it will be a fantastic book when it's done.

The magazines were brilliant and full of things which I would love to knit sometime. But I will save the book for a cozy and quiet moment in the kitchen. I'm sure that the weekend will bring several of those...

Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.


  1. Hvor er du sød :-)
    God weekend kære Ulla

  2. thanks for sharing the European books & magazines ~ it's fun to see them because we can't get them in the USA

  3. Oh, looks like some inspiring books and magazines have landed in your hands, Ulla. Have fun with doll making!

  4. Kære Wenche!

    Du fortjener hvert et ord og mere til. :)) Jeg er simpelthen så glad på dine vegne.

    Hav en rigtig dejlig weekend med din familie.



    My pleasure, Rachel Le Grand. :))
    It's always fun to see which books are available in other countries. I love the French approach to crafting so much. :)

    Isn't it possible for you to buy books on ?


    They are all perfect, Katherine. And thank you so much. :)) I have found so many things I love already and that doll book is really fine. I hope I get to make a doll soon. It has been a dream of mine for a long time.

  5. Glæder mig til at se, hvad du vil strikke fra de lækre magasiner.

    Håber, at du har haft en dejlig weekend, søde Ulla...

  6. I just recived that blue/gey phildar magazine in our mail box. I am absolutely in love with Phildars easy, timeless and beautiful designs!

  7. Oh, der er bare SÅ mange fantastiske ting Anne! Trøjer, sjal, små fine bluser og masser af andet godt. Det er dejligt med fedt design i strik til denne aldersgruppe. Det synes jeg ikke man finder meget af herhjemme.

    Og en rigtig dejlig onsdag til dig i morgen. :))



    Aren't they just fabulous, Anne Marie? I'm so happy that I re-discovered Phildar.
    (When Anne-Sophie was a baby I made lots of Phildar pattern things).

    I will look forward to seing the beautiful things you make. :))


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