Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dotty yellow, red and green

I'm making Spring move into my kitchen. Now I only need 3 big, white candles and some fine Snowdrops to put into the little egg cups...

Emil and Anne-Sophie used to be my reliable providers of Snowdrops and Crocuses, when they were about 3-4 years old. I remember how they proudly came with a few flowers in their little hands - newly picked in the garden and with the shortest stalks ever.

I loved how happy their faces looked, when they saw their flower gifts on the table in egg cups or other tiny vases.


  1. Åh ja, det bringer minder:-) små nævner med hånden fuld af blomster.

  2. hello dear Ulla, these are so cute ! i also need to clean up in here and put little spring touches, we need the sunshine and warmth of spring days .

  3. Jeg synes også at det simpelthen var sådan en dejlig ting at få fine kort stilkede blomster af sine små børn, Miri. Det er lidt hyggeligt at tænke tilbage på den slags ting. :))
    Men heldigvis er der masser af andre stunder der bringer minder når vores børn er store - og ind imellem blomster med længere stilke. ;))

    Hav en dejlig torsdag aften. :))


    Dear Monique, thank you so much. :)) I couldn't help buying the candle holders and the little egg cups...the colours were so inviting and so were the many dots. ;))

    I totally agree with you - spring is very welcome by now. Even small signs of spring outside would do the trick for me! To see the many bulbs popping up from the ground through the snow, is always a favourite moment of mine. :))

  4. I got the green one, but nice to see that the have more the red one

  5. At first I didn't really like the big ones, Kay but they grew on me and after a while I ordered them. ;)) I didn't expect them to be so big, though. ;))


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