Wednesday, January 05, 2011

No more cold ears...

Stella is done. Anne-Sophie is extremely pleased with the way it turned out, and she wore it yesterday to the funeral.

I like it too and I wish that I could show you a photo of it, while Anne-Sophie has it on. It suits her fine.

So maybe this isn't the only time I get to knit Stella - other colour combinations would be great for her to have as well. And I wouldn't mind knitting it again. It was fun and rather fast to knit...


  1. beautifull hat! i hope you'll post a picture of her wearig it =)
    happy new year from germany!

  2. Thanks a lot, Cat. :)) I will try to persuade Anne-Sophie to wear it, while I take a photo of her.
    The hat looks so much better on her head. :))

    A very happy new year to you too. I hope you get a lovely and exciting one.


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