Monday, January 17, 2011

Latte Baby Sweater

Baby Latte Sweater, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

Ever since I saw that little baby sweater on Liselotte's blog Slagt en hellig ko, I knew that I simply had to make it some day.

I love stripes, I love baby sizes, I love raglan and I love cotton yarn so this pattern was simply perfect. It had all of those things.

A while ago I bought some ecological cotton yarn in green and pink pastels. My intention was to use the 2 skeins on the Latte Baby Sweater. The colours would be great for a spring sweater.

It's a fine pattern, easy to understand and I like the fact that the sleeves are a bit wider than in other baby sweaters. The buttons in front are great as well, and sure makes it a lot easier to dress a little baby.

It will not take that long for me to finish this - I hope - because I always feel the need to knit one more stripe...and yet another. But that is only good if our little niece Agnes is supposed to fit into the sweater. She grows with such speed!

If you feel like making the sweet sweater you can find it here on Liselotte's blog and here on ravelry. I hope that you will enjoy making it as much as I do....


  1. That looks like one cute, little sweater! I envy your knitting-skills! I am on the same project for the last YEAR!
    I wish I would have some kind of machine that I could feed with a picture and with yarn and the finished product would come out :o)

  2. Thank you so much, rahel. :)) I know how it feels to be knitting on the same thing for a long time. My knitting skills have become much slower after an accident where I hurt my back a lot, so I too have knitting projects which have taken years. ;))

    The knitting machine would be a great thing - think of all the clothes one could get. ;))

  3. Hun kan bare noget - hende Liselotte. Skønne farver du strikker i.

    Hvor er du kl. 20.00 i aften ? ;-)

  4. Det kan hun helt bestemt, Gitte - og denne lille trøje er jeg bare rigtig vild med.
    Det går for en gangs skyld forholdsvis hurtigt fremad og snart er det første ærme færdigt. :)
    Jeg har også mønsteret på den retstrikkede trøje som Liselotte har designet liggende. Det kunne jeg godt nok også godt tænke mig at strikke...

    Og klokken otte er Emil og mig at finde i sofaen, under tæppet og med en kæmpe skål popcorn til kampen. ;))
    Åh, hvor er jeg bange for at de endnu en gang misser de senere kampe. Gid de får lov til at få en rigtig flot placering. :)

    Hav en god kamp, Gitte. :))


    Tusind tak, Kisser Laptern. :)) Den lille trøje er bare en drøm at strikke - både opskrift og garn arter sig på allerbedste vis. :))

  5. dear Ulla, i just love your blog's new look! very lovely. and this sweater you are kniting is gorgeous ! I wish liselotte had the pattern translate in french or english, my little grandson Jacob would be so cute in a sweater like this one. ^-^
    i read your previous posts and am so sorry about your lost. Losing someone we love, even if old and very sick is always painful.
    sending you many hugs Ulla xx

  6. the colour combination is beautiful! I am always looking out for organic cotton yarn in good colours, but I think it is not always easy to find. Where did you get yours?

  7. Dear Monique, thank you very much for your sweet words on the blog design, the little knitted sweater and the loss of Christian's father.

    It has been a hard time lately, but luckily we have each other to talk to, and to give lots of hugs. And you so right about the fact that the loss is painful no matter how old or how sick a person was.

    The striped sweater is almost done now. It is a fine pattern who fits a baby size 0-3 months, so maybe little Jacob is getting too big for it? If not, then let me know if there is anything I can do to help you understand the pattern.

    Take care and have a lovely weekend.

    Ulla XX


    Thanks a lot, Line. :)) Pink and lime green are always beautiful together, I think - eventhough that color combination would have been crazy when I were a child. ;)

    I actually bought the yarn in a big supermarket called Super Best! The yarn is called "Bumbo - økologisk bomuld" and it only costs about 22 Danish kroners per skein. And it was available in pink, lime green, paleblue and off-white.
    Do you have Super Best shops in Norway ?

    Have a lovely weekend. :))

  8. I love this pattern and the colours you've chosen. Only wish it was also written in English....oh well, we English speakers can't expect to get everything ;o)


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