Friday, January 28, 2011

Latte Baby Sweater - part 2

The knitting of the baby sweater is done, and I'm left with the not so funny part of knitting. The ends must be weaved in!

I'm also going to crochet along the neckline, while including some buttonhole loops.

The buttons have not yet gotten their shape or colour, but at least I know that it's not going to be any of the colours I used for the yarn.

Sadly I think that Agnes is a bit too big for the sweater, but luckily we know several women who are expecting little baby girls. So I'm not worried about finding a recipient.

I know for sure that I will knit from this pattern fact I know a little newborn Karl who could use a little sweater with stripes.


  1. Hvor er det nogle skønne farver Ulla........det lyser af rigtig forår :0)

    Knus Dorthe

  2. So beautiful! The colours are so delicate.

  3. Thank you so, so much all of you sweet ladies. :))

    Sadly the photos look a bit strange - they have such a cold light over them. The colours are even better in real life. ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend. :))

  4. Kolde farver eller ej, Ulla, de er smukt sat sammen og jeg kan levende forstille mig, hvor fin den er i dejligt dagslys.

    Ha en skøn søndag...

  5. Tusind tak, Anne. :)) Jeg kan så godt lide de farver sammen.
    Det var en skam at trøjen blev for lille, men pyt der er flere små piger på vej rundt omkring os. :))

  6. Hi Ulla,
    I just discovered on flckr that you had asked me to join your group... so sorry to be tardy. I didn't quite realize all the communication going on at flickr!! Anyway I just joined the group now- Maileg which I happen to love!! I'm so glad i checked up on my flickr account. I love your aesthetic.and I can't wait to explore your blog! I wanted to email you but I couldn't find your contact area... And BTW I love the sweater. the little turquoise detail at the neckline is perfect! xo

  7. Thank you so much for the sweet words Cinderella Patch. :)) I'm glad that you joined the flickr group. I'm so fond of Maileg as well - lucky that it's a Danish brand. :))

    I look forward to "talking" so more with you here and on flickr. :))

  8. For en herlig fargekombinasjon!


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