Saturday, January 22, 2011

2, 2 and 2

Just a bit of dreaming - from my point of view - of different lovely things.

2 fabulous pieces of fabric from Liberty, which I would love to add to my stash - soon.

"ELIZA'S OWLS" from Malika og Rosa

Of course the dreaming has to include 2 new books as well. These are about embroidery.

Embroidery With Ann Estelle & Friends. I found it on

Fun with Stitching: 35 Cute Sewing Projects to Turn Everyday Items into Works of Art. This book has not yet been released, but will be so on the 25th of February.

And finally 2 cards from one of my favourite card companies. It's French and is called Atomic Soda.

I already have this card with the rabbit...

...and this one with a bunch of gorgeous people and animals.
 (But one can never get enough of these beautiful cards).
I know from experince that I will save the cards a little while before using them.

Actually I dream of buying myself one of these stands from GO-CARDS, so I can have all of the cards I love in my very own exhibition.


  1. Hvor er det sødt det med uglerne og Mitsi er altid smuk.
    Hvad skal du sy?
    Kh Jeannet

  2. ultra yummy fabrics! first time i've seen that book. i'm off to check it out!

  3. So many lovely things. I have never seen the top Liberty fabric. I almost bought a piece of the Mitsi in Grey to make a dress for myself! It is a beautiful print.
    The books and cards all look wonderful too.

  4. Ja, jeg kunne altså heller ikke stå for det, Jeannet, så jeg tror at jeg er nødt til at have fat i noget af begge slags stof. De vil være skønne til sommer tunikaer. :))


    I adore those fabrics as well, Christy...the colors are amazing. And as alwyas the quality is superb. :))
    Which of the books is it that you like?


    Præcis, Miri. :)) Som min mand siger, så lader jeg let mine øjne lokke af smukke ting, hvad enten det er en genial figur på et postkort eller et skønt stykke stof. ;)) Jeg synes det er herligt. :))


    I'm happy that you like the things, Millie. We share the same taste in many things. :))

    I'm really crazy about that fabric too. It's so full of life and yet so timeless and elegant. I bet that it would be fabulous in grey! :))


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