Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fuzzy Heartwarmer

Just wanted to share a pattern with you, which I bought last night.
Fuzzy Heartwarmer is designed by Anita Designs and I love everything about it - especially the name...


  1. Jeg er altså også betaget af den, Miri. Jeg kan godt lide at den har sådan et enkelt mønster, og længden er perfekt til at varme min nakke og skuldre.
    Og så elsker jeg jo alle afskygninger af grå for tiden. ;))
    Hav en dejlig mandag. :))

  2. a lovely project to keep your shoulders warm ! what color will you choose ?

  3. I love it too, Valerie...simple and yet with a bit pattern.
    I'm totally into grey these days so grey it must be - when I get to knit it sometime in the future. ;))

  4. that really looks beautiful, I can't wait to see it made up
    Kate x

  5. I loved that pattern right away too, Kate. And it's a piece of clothes that I know I will use a lot, when I get it done. :))

    Have a lovely weekend. :)


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