Thursday, April 15, 2010


- In our kitchen -
We all love to sit here in the corner and do some talking. We play games
 there too and eat all our meals around the long oak table.
Sometimes we are 4 people - and sometimes we are 11.

 - and in our livingroom -
I finished my 2nd purple and pale blue "Baktus" scarf. My mother saw the one I had made
 for myself, and wished one for her birthday. And I'm not even late - her birthday is in 4 s´days!
The little pastel pots and candle holders are my favourite ones these days...


  1. Lækre glimt af dit køkken, det ser hygsomt ud :)

  2. Very nice glimpse into your life. Love the new blog layout!

  3. Hvor bor du HYGGELIGT! Jeg kan godt forstå at I bruger meget tid dér, og at køkkenet er samlingspunktet.
    Rigtigt god week-end


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