Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Forks, spoons & knives...and a little table.

Our everyday cutlery somehow tends to disappear in my house.

Where it goes, is a big mystery but I sure do have a hunch.
If I ask the rest of my little family, then they will look very astonished  - none of them has
 the slightest clue of what has happened to the missing forks and knives!

But to cut a long story short, we need some more...
So I have been on the lookout for new, interesting and not so expensive cutlery. And I recently found it in a favourite shop of mine.

I love the fact that it is all different from each other, and that it has so many wonderful colors and prints. And it's even cheap too...

While I was looking in the shop I found this fabulous table as well. Isn't it just fun and beautiful? Just like pearls on a string and the colors would suit our livingroom perfectly. The designer is Norwegian Mia Hamborg and the table is called "Shuffle".
I totally adore it.

But this time I will make do with the cutlery.... 


  1. Kære Ulla

    Der bliver da ren fest i bestikskuffen, SKønne!!!
    Og så er det jo smart for når ikke to er ens kan man bedre "smide" en et mystisk sted hen og erstatte med en ny ;-)Det lader til du har løst hele to problemer på en gang.

    God dag du kære

  2. glad to hear we're not the only house where this happens ! we're hopeless with cutlery :( these are really pretty & a mix is such a cool idea !

  3. Oh, this problem is new to me, it is very rare that cutlery disappears at our place. But from time to time I find a paring knife in the compost ;-)

    Look what I wrote about here a few days ago - my favourite cutlery at the moment...

    Hope you are enjoying Spring days!

  4. Dear Ulla,

    our cutlery does not dissapear, it it breaking away. So new one is urgently needed here as well (and from time I am searching for our kitchen knife just like Juliane and a good hint for searching is always the compost bin as well).

    Big hug,


  5. I love it too! All we have are stainless steel forks, spoons and knives. It would be great to have some color!

  6. Jeg er glad for at du kan lide dem, Wenche. Jeg kan altså heller ikke stå for det bestik. :))
    Og du har fuldstændig ret - så kan jeg nemmere supplere op når bestik forsvinder ud i haven, med madkassen i skolen og den slags spændende steder. ;))

    Rigtig god dag til dig også. :))


    Thank God that we are two families, Valerie. I'm just as happy as you not to be they only one with that "problem". ;))
    The same thing some times happens to particular coffee cups too (and I might just add that I never drink that stuff. ;)))

    Have a lovely day. :))


    I haven't lost any knives in our compost, Juliane but I have found cutlery outside. ;))
    The kids are usually good at bringing back the forks I have given them in their packed lunch for school, but it does occasionally happen that it gets lost.

    How funny that you wrote about cutlery as well....and such fine ones too. :))

    A happy day to you too. :))


    So you are on the lookout for cutlery as well, Nina. :)) There is so much to choose from. I hope you find just the thing you like. Greengate make some nice ones too.

    This colorful cutlery will make me happy every time I see it - I know that for sure. :))

    Have a lovely day, Nina. :))
    Big hugs for you,


    I really think that too, mildagw. Now we have stainless steal, but I wanted to try something else. And the cutlery from the shop Moods is perfect. :))

    A wonderful day to you. :))

  7. That is very cool silverware! I like the table too. It looks like it wouldn't become a clutter keeper because I'm sure the kids would be rearranging it CONSTANTLY... who am I kidding, my husband and I would also. So fun!
    :) Ann

  8. Hvor er det et fint bestik - det bliver straks skrevet på min ønskeseddel :o) Ville passe perfekt til alle vores forskellige tallerkner...
    Og bordet - det er da bare for skønt!

  9. I feel the excact same way, Ann. I would rearrange the "pearls" every other day for sure. ;))
    And it comes in so many different colors...

    The cutlery is great - I have seen another version of it before, but sadly I can't find it. :)) But I know that it will suit us perfectly. ;))


    Bestikket vil altid kunne suppleres, Annette...og jeg er sikker på at det vil passe perfekt til et service med forskellige udformninger. :)) Den slags kan jeg altså også godt lide.

    Jeg har vist aldrig været typen der samlede på det ene og det andet service eller bestik. Det eneste der kunne friste mig i den retning er Musselmega - men det skulle nu også være i forskellige farver. ;))


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