Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Child and grownup sizes

The last weeks I have been making 2 tops/tunics.

One which fits a 4 year old and one made in grownup size. It's for a friend of mine and her daughter.

I used the pattern which I have been using a lot lately for the big one, and for the little top I used a pattern from one of my sewing books.

The fabric was chosen by my friend and it's very suitable for summer with all it's nice colours. Both tops are made from the same fabrics.

I added a little button - again - on the front of the little top. I like how the different prints mix with each other.

I haven't taken any pictures of the grownup top - I think that you have seen enough of that pattern for a while...

Now I think that I will make something else...but I know that the pattern will return on my sewing table again. I need to have a tunic in white for the summer.


  1. Jeg synes, at det er skønne modeller, du viser hele tiden. Bare bliv ved med det. Det er så inspirerende med de dejlige stoffer, du anvender ;-)

  2. The set for mother and child looks so lovely, Ulla!

    The fabric reminds me of a dress which I gave away to a second hand shop years ago. It was a dress from the 30ies which an old lady in our neighbourhood had given to me with several other dresses. But for some reason I didn´t like the fabric and so this dress was waiting in my chest of drawers for better times which never came. When I brought the dress to the shop, the owner said to me that one fine day I would regret it. I didn´t - until now when I saw the fabric of your tunics...

    But the woman who bought the vintage dress was so very happy - and clothes deserve it to be worn. And it is a nice feeling that someone is wearing the dress now, enjoying the fabric with all the flowers and enjoying summer ;-)

  3. What a sweet idea to make a set for mother and child. And I can't get enough of the pattern, even if you might have seen it too often on your sewing table right now.

    I think I will write to STOF2000 and ask (in english) wheter they can send me the pattern (as I Don't even know where to click to order it on the website ; ) ).

    Thanks again for offering your help and see you soon on your blog,


  4. Hej Ulla

    HVor er det altså yndigt og den lille knap der foran er så bedårende. Du er altså ferm med de hænder der.
    HVor gamle er dine piger?
    kh Jeannet

  5. Synes du det, Jeannette Mariae? Det er jeg altså glad for at høre, for jeg synes, at jeg gentager mig selv med det samme mønster for tiden! :0)) (Men det er nu altså også et skønt mønster ;0))
    Nu vil jeg have gang i nogle bukser og buksedragter tror jeg... :0))


    Thank you so much, Juliane :0))
    I hope my friend will like how the tops turned out.

    Too bad that you gave such a wonderful dress away, but how could you have known, that you were going to love it later on! I do know that excact feeling, because I tried it too ;0)

    It's so good that you are such a positive person who sees the best in the situation. I'm sure the dress is being appreciated where it lives now. :0))


    I like the idea too, Nina :0)) It wasn't mine but my friend's idea. I did however make a little difference on the tops so they weren't totally alike. A little bird button was on this top - on the big top I put 2 bigger buttons.

    I'm glad to help you. I left you a little comment on your blog about the pattern and how you might solve the problem. :0)


    Hej Jeannet!

    Mange tak for de flotte ord. :0))
    Toppene var meget sjove at sy - den store har jeg efterhånden syet nogle gange nu. ;0)
    Toppene var til en veninde og hendes lille pige på 4 år.

    Min egen pige er 17 år og vores dreng er 11 år (jeg er 39 ;0)) Så heldigvis vil de gerne have, at jeg syer til dem ind imellem...

    En rigtig hyggelig aften til dig. :0)

  6. Great idea about set! Very summerly fabric :)

  7. Dear Ulla,

    thank you for your sweet offer. I have seen a pattern that's quite similar to the one you use (at least I hope it is, from, pattern Hannah), I will show you the result when I get it. Otherwise I would love to get back to our offer and thank you in advance for offering to share it.

    Kind regards Nina


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