Thursday, June 04, 2009

2 winners were found

Today was the day to start the random number generator, and find the 2 winners of my little giveaway. I actually didn't use the machinery all by myself, because I had a very special and very fair helper right next to me. Emil was sort of the head judge if you like..... We entered the number of participants for the blouse - and the number 5 showed up on our screen.
SO, that means that you were the winner of the blouse
On we went to find the next winner - the one who should get the trousers. Number 4 was this round's lucky number.
That's why you won the trousers
I hope that both of you will pop by my blog, so I can send you an email and get your adresses. Or else I will leave a comment on your blogs, to let you know that you won....
Thank you so much to all of you - I'm really happy that you wanted to take part in my giveaway. Have a nice weekend...


  1. Åh, tillykke til de to vindere. Hvor er de heldige, at de skal modtage dine smukke kreationer ;-)

  2. Juhuuuu... hvor ER jeg bare for HELDIG! Mange mange tak!

    Så snart min blog kører igen, så skal jeg ihvertfald nok vise fotos af min yngste (endnu) i de skønne bukser!

  3. Synes også vinderne er rigtig heldige ;-) Jeg ved jo hvad det vil sige at få en pakke fra dig "in house" ;-), og Lise kan stadig passe den.

    Sikke en smuk model du har syet ;-)

  4. Dear Ulla,

    thank you for the answers. What a shame I don't speak danish - the shop of STOF2000 looks really good. And the patterns. I will have a look around if I find something similar I understand ; ) otherwise I really would like coming back to you (which I will anyway to have a look.

    Have a nice weekend, kind regards Nina

  5. MANGE TAK, Jeannette Mariae, Rosanna og Gitte. I er bare så søde og altid positive. :0))

    En rigtig god søndag til jer alle tre...


    Dear Nö,

    You are very welcome.
    Different languages are always a problem with patterns and some shops, but I think that a lot of patterns are easy to understand, if the directions are well drawn.

    Stof2000 is indeed a fine shop - they have great fabrics and very good patterns.

    I'm pleased that you feel like coming back.

    Have a nice weekend too. :0)

    Ulla :0))


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