Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My very own fisherman

Emil is taking part in a fine play at his school. His 5th grade class is performing the play "The fisherman and the flounder"

All the lines are spoken in English and it's a rather long play too.

Emil plays the part of the Fisherman (you can see him sitting in the boat at the picture) and we were so lucky to see him act the other evening. He is very good at English, but being a shy boy, we were exited to see how he would cope with the many people watching him.

And he even had to sing a song in the play - ALL by himself!

But we had NO reason to worry what so ever, because he did such a splendid job - really! We were so proud of him, and he himself was rather pleased by his performance.

Afterwards he was a bit hot though, due to the big yellow raincoat and the hat he had to wear to look like a real fisherman...

Emil and his class showed the play to another class today....I'm so exited to hear how he liked it this time.


  1. Well, time to be a (again) a proud Mom, isn't it? Aren't tears coming into your eyes because you are sooo proud what your son is performing? I can imagine they are...

    My little girl was singing to St. Nicolaus on 06.12. and I was so touched and proud - because she dared to do it.

  2. Rigtig godt gå sikker på det gik godt i dag også :0)Kommer pludselig i tanke om de billeder jeg har af Emil fra mucicalen i april - skal nok få dem formidlet over hækken snart ;0)
    Kærlig hilsen Dorthe

  3. How exciting! A play in English. I am impressed!

  4. this is such a sweet story, you must be so proud of your boy's achievements! this is averycute picture of him and his sister.
    warm wishes to you :)

  5. It sure is, Nina :0)) We were all so proud of the fact that he dared - you were so right about that.

    How well done by your daughter, that she sang to St. Nicolaus. That must have taken a lot of courage to do.

    I'm happy to hear, that I'm not the only one who get tears in the eyes, whenever children perform. :0))


    Mange tak, Dorte :0)) Det gik rigtig godt med både sang, replikker og engelsk. Det var bare dejligt...og han talte højt! :0))

    Det lyder godt med billderne fra muscialen - dem vil jeg glæde mig til at se. Vores egne blev jo ikke så gode. :0))



    Thanks a lot, di :0)) I think it was a bit of a challenge to all of the students to make it in English, but at the same time it worked so well. And they got to speak a lot of English and use the language in a new way. :0))


    Thank you very much, blueberries in the fields :0))
    I really am proud. He acted so well and had a lot of fun speaking English.
    The picture of my children don't show Emil's eyes at all, but it does show how much they care about each other. :0))


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