Friday, June 19, 2009


Finally I decided which pattern to use on my beloved water melon fabric by Marimekko. I bought 2 metres a long time ago, and have been saving it for the very perfect idea.

I did however overestimate myself in picking the right size, because the tunic was way too big!!! The pattern was French and I haven't made their grown up sizes before. But at least now I know that I have to be carefull when tracing the right size....


  1. JAMRE... men kender jeg dig ret, så får du noget godt ud af det alligevel - skønt stof i øvrigt.

  2. Dear Ulla, oh I know. I'm a quick "maker" at knitting, sewing, tings... but a bad "opener" when it comes to mistakes. My Grandmother is quick at both ; ) and I really dislike opening things that were made with a lot of effort (one pullover of mine which I wanted to copy and knitted it and it was way out of shape, grandma opened it and knitted it for me though ; ) ).

    But opening knitted things is different (and possible) to sewed things made out of favorite fabrics stored for ages. All you could do is eat, eat eat

  3. Årrrhhh... ØV for pokker! Kan det lade sig gøre at sy det lidt ind og dermed få et godt resultat, trods alt?
    Held og lykke med projektet. Det er jo noget SKØNT stof!
    God week-end herfra

  4. Beautiful fabric and perfect with the gingham! I hate it when a pattern surprises me. I hope you can get it to work!!

  5. Ja, ØV, Hanne! Men nu er den klippet i stykker og jeg har tegnet mønsteret i en mindre størrelse. Så håber jeg bare at den lykkes denne gang. Ellers bliver den gemt væk i laaaaang tid!

    Jeg elsker altså også det stof. :0))


    Haha....what a wonderful idea! Eat untill it fits me!! ;0))

    It's so annoying that it doesn't fit, Nö. All that hard work for nothing. I absolutely hate when I have to do things all over, but I'm getting better at it. ;0)

    How nice that your grandmother is so helpfull. Maybe it's due to the time they lived in, that they make new things out of old things. Or correct mistakes without complaining. :0)


    Ja, det er bare træls, Rosanna! Og desværre er mønsteret lidt anderledes ved ærmerne - de er ikke tilsatte, men en del af forstykket også. Derfor kan jeg ikke sy den ind. :0( Men nu er den klippet totalt fra hinanden!! Så tegner jeg den op i mindre format og prøver igen.

    Jeg har også stoffet i samme mønster men med mørkeblå bund og lilla "meloner". Det skal også engang blive til et eller andet...

    Rigtig god fredag og en dejlig weekend også. :0))


    I'm really happy that you like the mix of the fabric and the Gingham, KID, MD. I had my doubts about those two together. ;0)

    I hate it too when a pattern turns out differently than expected. I have made many of the French patterns in children's sizes and they don't seem to be so big. But now I know ;0)

  6. hello Ulla, thanks so much for those sweet comments you left on my blog. I was suppose to be sewing some stuff for my shop, but been gardening all morning. It feels ggod to play in the dirt and walk barefeet.
    your watermelon is really gorgeous ! i love that cheery color.
    have a wonderful week end :)
    warm wishes
    monique x

  7. oops! meant watermelon fabric, sorry. ( smile )

  8. I love the look of that fabric and can't wait to see the finished article!


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