Saturday, June 20, 2009

Annual exhibition

Yesterday my friend and I went to see the annual exhibition on Skals Håndarbejdsskole.

And we went to the lovely market, which is there as well, with lots of talented artists. Our favourite artist was definitely Karen Nybro Mogensen, who makes the most fantastic things. You should go have a look at her website KANYMO eventhough it doesn't quite show her beautiful things as they look for real.

Below are a few pictures of some of the works we saw at the crafting school.....

There are still a couple of hours left, if you feel like going there.....

SUNDAY: now it's too late ;0)


  1. Looks like lot of inspiration, I like the shoe and of course the licorice on the alice band - as I like licorice a lot ; )

    Have a great rest of the weekend,


  2. There was inspiration, Nina but I think that the exhibititon of the grown up students' works have been better.

    I always look so much forward to see what the children have made. They have the very best ideas in my opinion. :0)

    I love that head band too - and liquorice allsorts. Uhm!

    Thanks a lot and have a wonderful weekend too. :0))

  3. Flotte bilder. Fint du legger inn når du blir inspirert av noe. Dette var veldig bra.

    Det var litt pussig. Jeg har akkurat vært inne og sett på sidene deres ang. korte kurser. Det ser ut til å være en fin skole.

  4. Mange tak, Velkommen til min kreative verden. Der var nogle fine ting deroppe. :0)

    Hvor sjovt at du lige har kigget på Skals Håndarbejdsskoles hjemmeside. De har så mange spændende ting man kan gå til. Min datter har i flere sæsoner gået til filt deroppe, og jeg har selv gået til broderi i en kort periode.
    Skolen er et herligt inspirations sted. :0)


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