Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lilybird Chandelier

I haven't really done any embroidery for a long time, and I kind of miss it. But a while ago I bought this gorgeous embroidery pattern made by Cathy Gaubert, and that was exactly what I needed to get started!

She's a tremendously good crafter and I can't say that she has made something which I don't like. Besídes that she's such a positive person with lots of humour. The way she looks upon everyday life with her children, is a big inspiration to me and must so for all mothers (and fathers).

I chose to sew the embroidery on white and purple Gingham. The piece of fabric is actually the front of a dress, so the Lilybird Chandelier is placed on the cheast of it.

The colours of floss were meant to be pastels only (you know how I feel about those colours!) but somehow a few green colours managed to sneak in.
I know that I'm going to make more editions of the embroidery pattern. I want to try out a version made in the same colour of floss on the entire embroidery - and I have to sew it on some flax too!
If you are tempted to make your own Lilybird Chandelier, you can buy the pattern right here....


  1. Oh, this is sooo pretty, dear Ulla! I love the soft colours and I should start some embroidery tonight, I guess ;-)

  2. Ulla you did an amazing job here, the gingham and the choice of colours. Wow! I've got the pattern too and this is a great inspiration.

  3. oh my, oh my!!!!
    you make me blush, you lovely lady, you! :)
    i agree with nicole...the use of the gingham is positively visionary, and the colors are perfection. i cannot wait to see the dress. i always adore the ways in which you construct your sweet dresses.
    i am supposed to be away from the computer completing some top-secret projects, but i may just have to take a few more moments to go and blog about this! i LOVE it!!!!
    thank you, sweet ulla!

  4. Thanks a million, Juliane :0)) It's an amazing pattern and so fun to sew.
    I have always loved embroidering ever since I got a little suitcase full of embroidery things from my dear grandmother. Afterwards she taught me how to do cross stitches. I were about 8 or 9 years old at that time...and I have adored embroidering ever since. :0))

    I think you should embroider - I would love to see your work. :0)


    Nicole, thank you very much. :0)) First of all it takes a good embroidery pattern - and that takes time and effort to make, but you already know that ;0) - then it's easy to get inspred by it.
    This beautiful chandelier pattern made me think of Gingham the very 1st time I saw it.

    I will look forward to see your chandelier embroidery. :0))


    No need for blushing, Amy - you deserve every single word. Instead you make me blush! :0))

    I'm so glad that you like the way I sew your embroidery pattern. The inspiration to fabric and colours actually came by watching the pattern.

    It must be rather funny (or thrilling!) to see how people who bought your pattern, make it look like. ("What if Cathy hates it?" did slip my mind a few times while sewing the chandelier!)

    You and your work are so inspirering to me. You always manage to make me smile through your words and pictures...and your fabulous, inventive ideas. I can't wait to see what secret project you are up to!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment - that made my day ;0)) I'm off to do some midnight embroidering...

  5. and is soooo beautiful :)))
    I got this pattern from my dear friend Cathy! I have to do my embroidery, but it will be difficult too difficult to do better:)) this is the maximum, congratulations you killed :D
    Hugs Isabel

  6. Thank you so much for you flattering words, Isabel - they really made me happy :0))
    It is indeed a wonderful pattern Cathy has made. She always creates gorgeous stuff and so do you! I'm sure that you will find a very beautiful way to embroider the chandelier. Your imagination never fails to make something new and pretty. :0))

  7. Å hvor er det fint, gid jeg kunne den slags.

  8. Oh, I've been thinking of embroidery lately. This is so pretty!

  9. Mange tak, Marina :0)) Det er jeg sikker på du sagtens kan lære. Jeg synes at det er lidt ligesom at male med nål og tråd ;0) Det er en skøn måde at slappe af på...


    Thank you so much, Leslie :0)) Embroidery is a wonderful way of spending time - I haven't done it for a while either but I just love when I get started. ;0)

  10. your chandelier is so pretty! i might just go need to get the so sweet. i love your choice of colors too

  11. Juliane's embroidery inspired me to come and take a look at yours Ulla which is just so beautiful. I will have to take some time to do this again, it was such a passion and enjoyment in my childhood.

    Sending chilly greetings from a wintry Adelaide, South Australia.


  12. Susan, thank you very much. I can really recommend the Chandelier pattern - it's pretty and I can see it being used for so many things. I know I have to make more - but different looking - chandeliers. :0)


    I'm happy that you came my way, Cee and thank you so much for your words about my embroidery :0)
    I started embroidering in my childhood too. My grandmother made the most wonderful box of all things embroidery related for me. Then I was hooked on sewing by hand :0))

    Hopefully sunny greetings - it's late in the evening now ;0) - from Denmark,
    Ulla :0)


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