Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I will give it away

Well, I didn't make it in time for the big Giveaway Day arranged by Sew Mama Sew. But that doesn't matter. My give away will start right now, and end on June the 5th. The thing you can win, is up to you to decide.

Either you can choose this little blouse, which I sewed a while ago in size 98 centilong (2-3 years)
you can pick this pair of trousers in flax. They are also size 98 centilong (2-3 years).

I hope you might want to take part in my little giveaway....just remember to write which piece of clothes you would like, in case you should be the winner. Then I will pick a winner for the blouse and one for the trousers.


  1. Jeg kan kun håbe på at vinde. :-)

    Du laver sådan nogen smukke, smukke stykker tøj.

    Kh Julia

    P.S: jeg ville ønske blusen, skulle jeg være heldig.

  2. Ooh, I will have to pass! The blouse would be gorgeous on my daughter but it isn't her size!
    She's a size 104 now. Hope your clothes will find a good home!

  3. Oh, they're gorgeous! I'd like to partecipate if you don't mind.
    Your blog is just wonderful, full of inspiration, I really like it.
    Have a nice day,
    Enikő :)

  4. Those pants are fab! I made several skirts this year for my little girl since we were working on potty training. She seems to have it figure out very quickly though and now I realized I never made her any pants for the summer!

  5. Jeg ville rigtig gerne vinde de små bukser til vores lille nye dreng her, som jo bliver født midt juni.

    Jeg har altid elsket dine præstationer.

    Kærlig hilsen fra engen ;-)

  6. Hvorfor SKAL jeg vælge, det er jo umuligt? :O) og de to ting passer bare SÅ fint sammen, så hvis det er muligt, vil jeg lægge billet på begge de to skønne ting.

    GLÆDER mig til at se om jeg er én af de heldige

  7. Hvor spændende ;-)

    Hvis jeg vinder, vil jeg meget gerne bede om de fine bukser.

    Kh Nanna

  8. Sikke skønne kreationer - jeg ville elske at vinde begge to, men lægger mit lod på blusen, og håber at min lille-store Signe kan trække den over hovedet senere i sommer.

    KH. Lisbeth

  9. I just adore that little top. What a fun give away. My little 3 year old would love to put a little something (probably princess chapstick) in that pocket.

  10. Those trousers would be perfect for my little man! They are so beautiful!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  11. Oh what a dream, a giveaway from you!!

    These trousers would look fabulous on Bella. (that is our choice)Please include us!

    Much Love, Sara and Bella

  12. Jeg kommer løøøøøbende og smider mit navn i puljen! Begge dele er dejlige, men blusen vil da være så sød til Frida. :) Fin, fin give away! :)

  13. Oh, which to choose. Think I am going to have to go with the blouse as Molly was pointing at it. These girls develop an interest in clothes so young! I love it too so please include us.
    You so clever x

  14. I cannot decide, both would be great for my kids. The blouse will fit my daughter next year, and the pants would fit my son this year. I would even pass the pants onto my daughter next year, because I think they are so cute. Thanks for the lovely giveaways.

  15. jeg vil også være med å vinne hos deg!!!den bluse var bere nydelig og passende i str til mine jenter!!!

    er stadig innom bloggen din,du lager utrolig mye fint!!!!

    mvh elin

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  17. So.. a few writingerror..

    I have to say that The blouse will be beautyful for my little Lotta.

    And I read your blog everyday, you write so well andyour pictures are so great!

    I hope that your summer is warm and full of flowers :)


  18. Ooh! They are both wonderful! I will have to choose the blouse for my little girl :)


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