Friday, December 14, 2007

...had a wonderful, embroidering grandmother

My father's mother was one of the most creative persons in my childhood (along with my parents). There was nothing she couldn't do - and she could make the most wonderful things out of nothing... I loved to go to my grandparents' house i.e. on holidays, and eventhough it was hard for me to be away from my family for 4-5 days (I was terribly homesick) I always enjoyed it. My grandmother loved to embroider - mostly cross-stiches, and she gladly taught me how to handle the needle and embroidery cotton. At my 9th birthday the present from my grandparents was a little drawer full of embroidery cotton, needles, embroideryfabric and patterns which she had torn out of magazins. I was so proud of my present and felt such a freedom to make everything I wanted. The embroidery drawer and the fact that my mother always gave me the opportunity to create crafts, such as knitting and sewing, meant the world to me.

I believe that it is essential to take a child's need to create very seriously. To show the child that it is a wonderful way to express oneself and get peace at mind. I try to give my own children the same possibility to be creative with their hands and their minds....maybe that is why I have heaps of fabric and yarn, beads, paper and all that stuff?

At the picture you can see what I have been embroidering lately. A heart with wings. A kit I bought a while ago from a company that unfortunately no longer exists: "Den Røde Tråd". The people behind the company are two fantastic women: Helle and Björk. Helle made this amazing book for children and this one about embroidery in a modern way. Björk is from Iceland and used to be my embroidery teacher at Skals Håndarbejdsskole's evening course.

Well, I had better finish my little heart. It is a present for a sweet and thoughtful woman....

PS. Talking about embroidery you should keep an eye on this website:, which is an Icelandic shop/website. One of the women who own it, is the mother of a boy who used to go to my son's class. She is extremely good at embroidery and used to go to Skals Håndarbejdsskole and Textilseminariet.


  1. I agree that fostering a child's creativity is perhaps one of the greatest things you can do. Fortunately for me, my paternal great-grandmother did just that for me. Through my handiwork today, I still feel a connection with her and am forever thankful that she fostered and nurtured my creative interests.

    What a pretty piece of embroidery you are working on, Ulla. What are your plans for the finished piece?

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment, kathrine. It is nice when the older generations bring on their crafting traditions. It is so important..

    I'm going to use my embroidery for a little napkin for a breadbasket.


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