Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pebernødder and the weather!!

Here I am - watching - in our favourite place to spend the winter holidays: Lindvallen in Sweden. I used to ski but due to my very bad back caused by a car accident, I no longer can! It is such a shame, because I really loved it..... Luckily, I can still watch the rest of my familiy have fun on the ski runs, drink warm cocoa in the cold snow and eat hot buns with them at night in the lodge (wearing long johns and knitted socks.) And not to forget: buy lovely wooden birds!!
What I really wanted to say - before I got caught in dreaming about skiing holidays - was: where on earth is the snow in Denmark??Look at the trees in the picture - so beautiful and white of snow! Very Christmasy!! Now we are almost in the middle of December and here we still are - walking around buying Christmas presents in pouring rain....So grey and boring! But the weather is not going to spoil the Christmas spirit in our house. We have baked a whole lot of "pebernødder" - a kind of tiny, round Christmas biscuit. We (read I) put in just the amount of white pepper as written in the receipe - butttttttt, something went wrong. Our mouths were on fire after tasting them. At least they looked really nice! We need to make a new lot in a few days... How come it always goes wrong, when ever I take a lot of trouble over making cakes and food really well?


  1. Tell Santa that I want a wooden bird for Christmas. You must meet him in the snow!

  2. Du gik vel ikke og sang peberkagesangen fra Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskoven, da du bagte:
    Et kilo ægte peber og et lille drys kanel :-)
    Jeg putter altid hvid peber i vores pebernødder, det er vi vilde med, men hvis man er vant til de brune julekrydrede af slagsen, så kan det måske godt smage lidt mærkeligt!?

  3. Næste gang jeg drager til Sverige OG ser nogle af mine træ-vingede venner, så skal du få én. Jul eller ej, Mette.....

    Ja, jeg ved godt nok ikke hvad der hændte med dét hvide peber, Anne - men det plejer vi altid at anvende. Til næste portion bliver skeen med peber helt sikkert strøget - altså uden top og ikke fjernet!!
    Ellers smager de ganske fortrinligt - det er bare "afterburner'en" som Emil siger, der er problemet...

  4. It looks wonderfully cold - I love winter and for me, the colder the better!

  5. I really love it too - the air becomes so clear and life around us seems to slow down. And of course it looks absolutely wonderful with all the white.....


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