Monday, December 17, 2007

....Svupper to return

"If you see this lovely, fluffy rabbit then please let us know...."
That is almost what we wrote at a piece of paper, with a picture of Emil's beloved friend, Svupper. We put it at our local store.
Hoping that someone has seen Svupper and maybe caught it. I really, really hope so - Emil would get so happy....


  1. Oh no! I will call my daddy to look after Svupper in his garden.. Poor Emil! Hope Svupper will be home soon again.

  2. 1000 tak skal du have, Gitte. Det var bare sødt af dig....
    Desværre fik vi ikke lukket buret ordentlig (tror vi) efter fodring, og næste morgen var Svupper væk. Vi har ledt og ledt!! Emil elsker bare den kanin...


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