Thursday, June 07, 2012


En lille veninde har ventet alt for længe på de nederdele jeg lovede hende. Nu har jeg været i gang over mange dage og nederdel #2 er klar.

#1 fik Maria med i går og #3 er klippet og venter bare på at blive syet sammen. Men for mig tager det tid, det er vi vist alle ved at vænne os til, hvor lidt jeg end vil det. Jeg har valgt at se på det sådan, at det vigtigste er at det bliver lavet. Når nu ikke der er det mindste at gøre ved mig og mine skavanker...

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A little friend has been waiting far too long for the skirts I promised to make her. Now I have been at it for many days and skirt #2 is ready.

Skirt #1 Maria got yesterday and skirt #3 is cut out and ready to be sewn. But for me it takes time, and I think that we all have gotten used to that thought, no matter how much I hate it. However, I have decided to look upon  it like this; the most important thing to me is that I get to make something at all. Now that there is nothing to do about my disabilities.

The pattern for the skirt is from Alt om Håndarbejde - Symagasin 06/June 2012.


  1. thanks for the comment x I love the fabric used for this skirt, is it smafolk?

    1. My pleasure, Janet. :)) And thanks a lot for yours.
      I don't think that the fabric is from Småfolk, but it must be very inspired by it. We also have a children's collection here in Denmark made by a company called Katvig. I think that the print looks like that too. I picked it out at my local fabricshop because of the purple flowers. My little neighbour friend Maria loves purple and the skirt is for her. :))
      Have a lovely weekend. X

  2. OOh, Ulla, that is a very pretty skirt indeed. Is your back still bothering you? If so, I'm so sorry to hear it. I hate it when things stand between me and my making. And did I miss a picture of skirt no. 1?

    1. Thank you so much, Larissa. :)) I'm glad that you like it - I hope that little Maria likes it as well. And that the rain will stop so we can wear skirts again.

      My back always hurts a lot due to the 5 slipped discs I have. (3 of them have been operated, but 2 of them without luck, so my arms, my neck, my back and one of my legs hurt and I have sensory disturbances).
      You sadly know what I'm talking about having back problems as well. And like you I definitely know the feeling of hating when one can't do the things one wants to. It's so frustrating.

      You didn't miss skirt #1 - Maria got it the other day and I forgot to take a photo of it. :)
      Have a wonderful weekend - thanks a lot for caring. That's so sweet of you. :))

    2. Oh, my word! I only have one lower disc, and it seems to be doing ok for now, thank the good Lord. Wow, five??? Oh, Ulla! I know what you mean about sensory stuff, I get tingling and numb spots down my legs and also sometimes my arms from my neck. It's heck gettin' old. LOL. I have to watch how much time I spend on the computer and at the sewing machine. You still manage to make so many beautiful things! May God send you healing!

  3. Men det du laver, er også værd at vente på :-) !

    1. Tusind tak, Miri. Det er jeg bare så glad for at du synes. :))
      Det har taget sin tid at vænne sig til det, sådan fra den ene dag til den anden. Men nu har jeg levet med skaderne i efterhånden 11 år og det faktum at det slet ikke bliver bedre, så jeg synes selv at jeg har fundet en fin måde til at få lavet lidt
      engang imellem. Små, korte stunder og mange pauser er opskriften. :))

      Hav en rigtig god weekend. :))

  4. .....sødeste Ulla - og din lille veninde er bare så glad og en rigtig heldig asen at have sådan en fantastisk sød nabo som dig. Hun og selvfølgelig hendes mor siger tusind tusind tak for omsorg og is den anden dag da det kneb med familiens logistik ;0)

    Knus Dorthe


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