Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A wonderful day is almost over

After a wonderful day spent in Århus with Anne-Sophie, I'm full of happiness, love and loads of new impressions.

We talked and talked, and laughed and laughed...Anne-Sophie took me to the architecture school, where she spends a huge amount of her time now. We had food - which undoubtedly was a not so delicious experience - and we did some Christmas shopping.

Photos from COS

Anne-Sophie has a few favourite shops, which she likes to visit and wanted to show me. I were particular thrilled about COS.
It has been ages since I have seen a selection of so much beautiful clothes. The colours were stylish, the details were elegant, and it all resulted in simple and gorgeous looks. All clothes which were able to be used for several years, due to style and quality, if you ask me. And for many occassions, too.

There were things for women, men and children. Anne-Sophie and I both loved the little A-line dress with all  the colours - it made us think of Marimekko. And the Gingham shirt was (of course) just the kind I think little boys should wear.

Photos from COS 
I also got the chance to visit Ingers lovely yarn shop. Oh, what a place. I could have looked at the beautiful yarn and other goodies for ages. But I ended up buying 100 grams more of the soft Duo silke/merino. I chose the pale pink - it's going to be used for a stripe on a hat for Anne-Sophie, and for a third scarf made from Theresa's pattern

Photo from Design-club.dk
Finally I saw a recently published book by Elisabeth Amdisen - it looked so interesting that I have to add it to my own wishlist (the one from me to me). It's an embroidery book called Tusind og én nats broderierand in the shop's window the book was presented with little pouches made in colourful Arabian inspired x-stitches.

What a lovely day - now it's time to rest...


  1. Cos is by far my favourite shop ever. I have a wardrobe full of Cos clothes.......and you are right - they never date and can be worn for many things......

  2. I totally understand you, Di - that shop had so many fantastic pieces of clothes! Lucky you for having a lot of their items. :))

    I had never heard of COS before Anne-Sophie told me about it. Today I completely understabd why she was so thrilled about COS' collections.

    And the children stuff!! Oh my... :))

  3. Sounds like a truely great day! I'm going to see a friends in Århus in a couple of days in an evening, but your post made me want to come early and go enjoy the city :-)

  4. the most important : so glad to hear the two of you had a great time together !!
    and no doubt A-S has great tates like her mamma !!

  5. We had a lovely day, Anne. Being together was the very best part, but walking through Århus definitely wasn't bad either. :)
    I hope that you will get a wonderful day/evening there with your friends. I especially love the area called Latinerkvarteret with all the little shops.

    Enjoy. :)


    Valerie, it was SO wonderful to be with Anne-Sophie. I really miss her a lot every day, but she's doing so great and experiencing so many new things.
    Having a day like that is nice and pure balm for the soul. :))

    Take care XX

  6. Oh this sounds like fun, just the girls having a good day. I can imagine how good it was to catch up.

    Here we had first bits of snow today, it melted away already but still, the kids were over the moon.

    The boys room is being painted, luckily I didn't do it because the old paint fell down the wall once the new was being put on it, sigh, but now, three days later it is nearly done. One wall will be green, I will send a photo, am curious what it will be looking like...

    Take care sweet Ulla and enjoy the cozy season!


  7. Hej Ulla
    Det lyder som en skøn dag! Bare ud fra det lille billede kan man se at garnet er skønt, farverne deljlig dusede og følelsen blød og dejlig! Hm, jeg har før læst om Ravelry, men aldrig rigtig været derinde, men jeg bliver vist nødt til at få en konto og snuse lidt rundt :)
    KH Mette

  8. Dear Nina,

    Days like the one we had, are so much fun. Fun, cosiness and shopping at the same time. But the best part was spending time with Anne-Sophie. ;))

    We had a bit of snow last Sunday, but like in Germany it sadly melted away too fast. I cross my fingers for more snow and cold days this winter. It makes the winter months much brighter.

    I bet that your boy's room will look beautiful. Isn't he exited about it?
    Emil's new room (Anne-Sophie's old one) is coming along too. Now we just need to paint the ceiling and put up shelves and the other stuff which makes a room cozy. :))

    I hope that you are enjoying the Christmas time without to much stress. Have a wonderful day.

    Lots of December hugs
    Ulla XX


    Det er SÅ skønt det garn, Mette - varmt og blødt og uden at kradse det mindste. :))

    Ih, du skulle tage at melde dig til ravelry lige med det samme! Det er en helt fantastisk strikke (og hækle) verden der åbner sig der. Masser af opskrifter at downloade og købe - og ikke mindst inspiration fra hele verden.
    Og det er super nemt - og gratis.

    Ja, du kan nok høre at jeg synes at ravelry er et genialt sted. ;))

    Hav en dejlig dag. :))

  9. COS er en fantastisk butik! Det meste af min basisgarderobe er derfra - og man kan aldrig få for meget, kan man? :)


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