Sunday, December 11, 2011


I tell myself that I haven't bought new Christmas ornaments for several years - no new Maileg nisser or any Noilly Noël figurines like I used to. And it's actually true.

So with that in mind - and forgetting all about the beautiful angles from Karina Bækkelund (which arrived yesterday and they are SO lovely!) - I bought the most wonderful knitted and felted Christmas DIY set from Sort Lakrids.

I know that I will love to look at it all for many years ahead, without getting bored of it. And most importanly it will make me smile.

Photo from Sort Lakrids

The Christmas set is made by Theresa Jessing and Line Dyrholm. Both artists whom I love for their unique way of expressing themselves.

Hopefully I will be cutting and sewing in a matter of days...

Photo from Sort Lakrids


  1. Looks like a fun thing to do on a rainy afternoon...

    Have a good week, Ulla


  2. I look so much forward to making them, Nina :)) And I adore the colours.
    We sure have lots of rainy days to make Christmas things on - what a horrible weather in December!

    Take care and enjoy the week too.


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