Sunday, December 18, 2011

For our hands - and eyes

Anne-Sophie has been busy with her studies for a long time, but she has spent some of her precious sparetime on making the most beautiful Christmas ornaments I know.

A whole bunch of Froebel Stars were among the things she showed me, when she was home this weekend. She's going to use the lot for a mobile. And the ones you see here are not all of them - many more were folded in her hands while she was here. 
It didn't take her many minutes to finish a star. My skills, on the other hand, are a different story. I'm not good at making the stars - they always tend to look inaccurate and somehow I manage to get the paper shreds wrinkled. As a side befinefit my temper usually gets the better of me.

Today we had a wonderful afternoon, playing with self-hardening clay and listening to so far unheard Christmas music from the radio. Both of us enjoyed it (apart from the music).

It's a magical feeling to mould the clay in your hands and get things to come out of it.We mostly made ornaments for Christmas, but also a bit of jewlry and some signs to put on jars containing flour, sugar and the likes of it.

Anne-Sophie didn't get to bring home her things made from clay this time. They hadn't dried up yet, and I think that the items need the night to set completely hard.

Maybe we are going to paint some of the letters which we put into the clay...and of course add some string in different colours to the ones which need that.

It's was almost too late to begin with the Christmas stuff, but we are absolutely not done playing with self-hardening clay.


  1. What a great weekend you had - Fröbelsterne are hanging here everywhere, they are beautiful, aren't they? And easy to make... Even with double side wrapping paper (House Doctor) they look great...

    Have a happy rest of the Christmas week,


  2. Det er så hyggeligt at nørkle sammen. smukke farver, de stjerne har.

  3. Both the stars and the clay ornaments are very pretty! I've tried those stars a few time, but I'm not satisfied yet...

  4. Thank you SO much for the wonderful Christmas card sweet Nina. What a lovely card to get and the photos were so fine as well.

    It was some lovely days - and cosy too. :))
    I love Froebel stars as well, but I'm really lousy at making them. I had also tried to make some in House Docter doublesided paper, but somehow the paper was a bit too soft for me. Too bad, because they would have looked cool. Maybe I will have another go at them.

    And now it's only 3 days for Christmas Eve - aren't the kids exited?

    Take care and have some lovely days. :))



    Jeg holder også meget af det, Miri. Man snakker så godt når hænderne arbejder samtidig. :))

    Jeg var også helt vild med de mange pastelfarver som Anne-Sophies stjerner havde. Hun har købt papiret i en butik der er tilknyttet arkitektskolen - hold da op de har mange skønne ting. :))

    Hav nogle dejlige juledage. :))


    Thank you so much, Petra. :)) We were happy about the clay things too. It was so much fun.

    The stars are a bit tricky - Well at least I think so. ;)
    I hope we both get satisfied with our attempts at making Froebel Stars in the future. :))

  5. Yep, they are.. and here it is finally snowing - hooray, so white Christmas this year!

    Actually Juliane made the House Doctor Fröbelstars, I have not tried it with the paper though...


  6. such beautiful ornaments in delicious colors! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes to you, Ulla! xo amy


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