Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I never thought . . .

. . . that I would be in a spin over tea towels! But I am.
The other day I bought these 2 beauties from HAY

Of course I were beckoned by the combination of the colours when I saw them, but when I got to touch the fabric they were made from, it got even better. And the graphic designs in the fabric!

A little box with 2 different towels cost 129 Danish kroner - about 22 $. Not bad for tea towels in that fine quality.

I'm not sure that I will ever get to dry any dishes in the lovely towels. I wouldn't have the heart. But what I do know is, that I want to buy the orange and paleblue set as well.

Or maybe I get lucky and get them for Christmas . . .

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  1. ...her i huset findes der to "slags" viskestykker. Nemlig dem man bruger og så er der min lille private bunke af smukke stykker, som jeg lægger over bageskålen, når jeg bager. Jeg drømmer om, at jeg en gang altid har en smuk bunke viskestykker klar til brug, men det er umuligt i en familien, hvor et viskestykke bare er et viskestykke..... Du er ikke alene, Ulla.


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