Thursday, December 01, 2011

Cocoon would be perfect for me

I bet that I'm far from the only one, who wants to cuddle up in warm jumpers and blankets during winter days. To be in a kind of warming cocoon.

But now I no longer need to wrap things around me, because I have found a marvellous knitting pattern this evening - Cocoon!

Photo from Sunday Knits

For the small amount of 37 Danish kroner, the pattern Cocoon was placed in my ravelry library. It's designed by Carol Sunday and has an inviting and elegant look. And while keeping the comfy feeling, it still maintains it's elegance through the sideways garter ribs - and the bobble accents. Bobbles in the back of the neck and down the front. I love bobbles!
(And do take a look at Carol's Sunday Scarf as well - it's lovely!).

The colour shown in the photo is very pretty, I think. Charcoal will go with lots of my clothes.
So maybe I will have a look at some yarn for my Cocoon. Lately I have been very disciplined about finishing some of my ongoing knitting projects, so I will buy new yarn with a smile on my face...

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  1. it looks so comfy !!!
    i've not been very discilpined either ! as a result i'm struggling to finish my last crocheted snowflakes for the tree !

    ps : your pinterest knitting board is to die for Ulla !!!!


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