Saturday, May 14, 2011

Palermo size 4

A long time ago when Anne-Sophie read a blogpost of mine, and saw that I had ordered the Palermo pattern, she asked me if I would sew one for Tim's nephew. It was meant to be a birthday present for when he turns 3 years old.

Of course I couldn't turn that down and this is how it ended up. It's tomorrow that Linus will celebrate his birthday, so I thought that I would take a few pictures of it before it gets wrapped up and given away.

When we bought the fabric for Anne-Sophie's dress, she found a lovely pale blue linen for the Palermo shirt. And somehow this kind of fabric is the perfect one for the pattern. I can easily picture it in white linen as well, worn with jeans and little brown feet.
Or perhaps it would look great in white and grass green Gingham. I would love that!
The patterns has some smart details - and I'm crazy about cool and simple details (which you probably have heard me say before!)

The white buttons down the front are actually fake. So they can't button and unbutton. But maybe you wonder how on earth one gets a child's head through the shirt then?
You just unbutton the 2 tiny press studs which are hidden under the shoulder pieces - right there under the pointy part. If you look real hard, you can see the press studs in the closeup photo above.

I hope that Linus and his parents will like the shirt. I think that the fit will be perfect for a happy and active 3 yeard old. Lots of freedom to move and no tight fit.

But I do think that the racing set which Tim and Anne-Sophie are giving Linus as well, will be the top spot of the day. And that's exactly the way it should be...


  1. Hvor er den flot Ulla......den bliver både han og hans forældre glade for er jeg sikker på.

    Flagene i forrige indlæg er da også helt fantastisk smukke.......det bliver en rigtig dejlig dag for krydser vi fingre for at vejret slår om inden, så vi ligger os stabilt under et højtryk på dagen :0)

    Knus Dorthe

  2. really gorgeous ♥
    I love red thread on white buttons on blue shirt :-)

  3. That is a wonderful shirt! I like ths slit in the front and the buttons. You can be proud of yourself :o)

  4. Tusind tak, Dorthe. Det er jeg rigtig glad for du synes. :))
    Jeg håber at trøjen faldt i god jord og at stilen passede både Linus og hans forældre. Det er svært at vide, men Anne-Sophie mente lige det var dem da hun bad mig sy den. :)

    Jeg mangler stadig lidt flere flag men heldigvis er de supernemme at lave. Og man får foræret en helt masse da tapen allerede har de fine striber. ;))

    Vi følger også vejrudsigten med stor interesse, kan du tro. Bare det ikke regner og blæser, så skal jeg ikke klage mig. :))



    Thank you so much, Sandrine. :)) That means a lot coming from a talented seamstress like you. :))
    That mix of colours and materials is also a great favourite of mine. It's simple and yet with an edge.
    I'm really a great fan of French patterns. There are so many lovely ones - both for children and adults.

    I just recieved the new book by Astrid Provost. It's great.


    Rahel, thanks a lot. :)) It's so sweet of you. :)

    The little shirt is just the kind of pattern I love - it makes children look like children, and not little adults like much of the clothes in the shops do. :)
    I think that I might make another one of them for our nephew. He's a bit older but I hope that he will like it anyway. ;)

  5. Weheeeeee hands up for the three year olds....

    The shirt is looking great and a very clever idea of closing it either!

    Have a great week and I hope the petticoat and dress desaster has cleared??

  6. Jag är glad att jag hittade fram till din blogg. Jag har följt dig lite via Ravelry men nu lägger jag til din blogg i länklistan.
    Väldigt mycket fina saker!!

  7. Elsker den skjorte, er en sucker for details mig selv ;)
    Håber den vækker glæde hos fødselar samt forældre.


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