Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Once more lots of love to French design

You already know that I love children's clothes, which are made from different and unique patterns. Some which aren't seen in the streets all the time here in Denmark. And some which children like to wear with gusto.

A while ago I found some beautiful patterns to knit - this time from France as well.

I found the design from Carole de Marne on ravelry.
The patterns immediately enthused me and I had to see more. So I went to their website and got even more excited about their work.

If you think that it all looks a bit familiar, then you are right. The knitting patterns are designed by Luluguitare (Caróle de Marne) and c'est Dimanche, and I adore the way the knits and the sewn things compliment each other.

The patterns can be bought as kits and a few of them are even in English. But you can also buy a brand new book with a lot of the patterns.

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