Wednesday, May 25, 2011

They got a pocket each - Cate, Eme and Lily

After many hours of work, the little dress with Cathy's girls is finished.
I was a bit worried that I had put too many pockets on the dress, but now that it's done I feel okay about it.

The linen I used for the dress itself, is some of my favourite fabric. I love how it's a bit rough looking and how it looks as if it has been washed a million times. I used to have the fabric in dark blue as well, but what on earth happened to that? I can't remember...

If I see this particular fabric again, I will definitely buy some more of it, and make a little something for myself.

I also got to use my new pink tags for the first time. They were supposed to be without an iron on effect, but they were not. However I decided to keep them and see how they worked. I must say that they didn't stick to the fabric at all - and I did use a very hot iron.

If you want to have a closer look at the embroidered girls on the pockets, you can go to my flickr. It has been so fun to embroider another one of Cathy's lovely patterns. This one is very special though as it is her own 3 beautiful girls she has drawn.
I hope that Cathy decides to send out new patterns for us to buy and enjoy. That would make my day. But I know that she is busy working on a book about little doll quilts, so she probably has enogh to think about at the moment.


  1. What an adorable dress for a little girl! I love all those pockets - especially with those sweet girls embroidered on them. The pink linen looks delicious, Ulla. Hope you cand find more!

  2. This is so adorable.....sweet as candy!

  3. Hvor er den fin, Ulla. Er det mønster fra Ingelises symagasin, som vist ikke længere hedder sådan? Jeg har haft kig på det nemlig, men nu tør jeg da dårlig nok forsøge mig. Den er helt fantastisk! :)

  4. Lovely dress and the embroideries on the pockets are so cute.Hope you do come across more of that pink linen..looks gorgeous,xx

  5. Thank you so much, Strikkelise. :)) It included a lot of handsewing - and I loved it. Making bias tape is so peaceful. ;))

    And I got to use lots of Gingham fabric too. Not a bad thing for a Gingham lover. ;))


    Katherine, thanks a lot. :)) I hope the pockets will be used for all the kind of treasures little girls find. :))
    Embroidering on the pockets was so fun. And I think that Cathy's pattern was perfect for a little girl. :))
    I sure hope to find that fabric again. I would love a dress made from it. :))


    Thank you very much, polkadotpeticoat. :)) I couldn't help myself when I saw the sewing pattern with pockets. I simply had to make it. :))

    I have a similar dress myself. It's from Marimekko and loads of pockets as well. Children love all my pockets when I wear that dress. :))


    Tusind tak, Astrid. Det betyder meget for mig at du synes det. :)) Du har fuldstændig ret - mønsteret er fra dét syblad. (Og hvor er jeg glad for, at det har ændret sig fra Ingelise til noget bedre og mere moderne).

    Nej, nu må du holde op! Du er simpelthen SÅ dygtig til at sy, og så omhyggelig. Jeg synes godt nok at du skal give dig i kast med kjolen. Jeg er sikker på at du vil lave en super skøn udgave til dine søde piger. :))


    Thank you so much, Cassandra. That's so sweet of you. :))
    It's funny that the embroideries are made as Cathy's own lovely girls. She has made some gorgeous drawings for the pattern.

    I need to take a very good look in some of the shops, which might have the fabric. I'm such a great fan of linen. :))


  6. Super flot

    Jeg synes ikke der en lomme for meget.

  7. Den er perfekt. Hverken mere eller mindre. Perfekt.

  8. Tusind tak, Else Marie og Julia. Jeg havde godt nok mine kvaler med antallet af lommer, men heldigvis blev jeg tilfreds med dem der kom på.

    Jeg håber at kjolen falder i god jord, Julia. ;))

  9. the brand labels are lovely
    and as i told you on flickr this dress is really adorbale & the embroideries are fantastic !


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